DD 201

Form Studies




Introduction to rectilinear 3-D Form and curvilinear 3-D Form. Inter-relationships of Dominant, subdominant and subordinate elements. Expression of positive volume and negative space, relationship between axes, the mass and the outline. Arrangement of Lines in Space, their composition to achieve balance and beauty.  Inherent proportion and relative proportions of solids, orientation and position to achieve level of comfortability.

Convexity and Concavity through adding and subtraction of positive and negative form in the space and volume respectively, Organic forms and Abstraction.


Text/Reference Books:

1.      Thompson, D., On Growth and Form, Cambridge University Press, 1961

2.      Rowena, R.K., Elements of Design Princeton Architectural Press, 2002

3.      Terzidis, K., Expressive form, Spon Press, 2003