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Tourist Attractions in and around Guwahati

The North-eastern part of the Indian subcontinent is synonymous with unspoiled natural beauty, teeming wildlife, immaculate tea gardens and warm, beautiful people. Over the centuries, people of various ethnic, religious and linguistic backgrounds have been attracted to the fertile valleys of Assam making it a mosaic of various cultures and heritage. It is no wonder then that Assam is said to be like a miniature of the whole country itself. For more information visit Assam Tourism page.

Guwahati lies in the heart of Assam, one of the most beautiful regions of India. The region provides a rich combination of greenery, scenic beauty, flora and fauna and the cultural treasures of the people that inhabit it. Here is the list of incredible places to visit in Assam.

Kamakhya Temple:It is one of the four oldest Shakti Pithas of Hindu belief. Other three are located at Jagannath Temple (Puri, Odisha), Kalighat Kali temple (Kolkata) and Berhampur (Odisha). Kamakhya Temple Uma Nanda Temple: The temple is located on a river island of the mighty Brahmaputra. umananda-temple
Kaziranga National Park: It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most diverse national parks of India. Kaziranga has world's two-third one-horned rhinos (around 2500) and the highest density of tigers in the world (more than 100). It is also home to around 2000 elephants and around 1500 wild buffaloes apart from other animals like varieties of deer, golden langur etc. It has arrangements for both jeep safari and elephant safari. Kaziranga National Park Pobitora Wild Life Sanctuary: This small wildlife sanctuary has the highest density of great one-horned rhinos. Both jeep safari and elephant safari are available. Pobitora Wild Life
Manas National Park: Manas national park is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, a Project Tiger reserve, an elephant reserve and a biosphere reserve. The park has arrangements for both jeep safari and elephant safari. Manas National Park Mawlynnong This village is known as the Asia’s cleanest village and the other tourist attractions at this village are a living tree-root bridge and a tall tree-house from which you can have a bird’s eye view of Bangladesh. Kamakhya Temple
Orang National Park: It is home to great one-horned rhinos, elephants, wild buffaloes, tigers and pygmy hogs. It has arrangements for both jeep safari, elephant safari and own vehicle (SUV) safari. Orang National Park Cherrapunji: Cherrapunjee is known as the wettest place on earth though the highest rainfall was recorded in a nearby place Mawsynram. Cherrapunjee is also famous for India’s third tallest waterfalls (the tallest plunge type waterfalls) Nohkalikai and several living tree-root bridges, which are man-made natural wonders. Cherrapunji
Shillong: named as “the Scotland of the East” by the British, is considered one of the most sought-after tourist destinations of eastern India. Shillonge Dawki is at the Bangladesh border and is famous for the amazingly clean water of the Umngot river. Dawki