Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Guwahati-781039, India

EEE Department, IIT Guwahati

Power Systems Laboratory

The Power Systems Laboratory is well-equipped with several experimental setups and several software packages for real time experiments.The facilities include overcurrent,under voltage and differential relays. The major equipments in the Power Systems Laboratory include the following.

Relay Demonstration Setup:

  • IDMT over current relay
  • Instantaneous over current relay
  • IDMT under voltage relay
  • Current tranformer
  • Negative sequence relay
  • Differential relay


  • Phase Shifting Transformer Setup
  • Alternator Synchronization Setup
  • Wide Area Monitoring setup using Phasor Measurement Units (SEL451 and SEL421) and GPS Clock
  • Transmission line simulator with SCADA system



    List of Software’s:

    • PSS/E
    • PSCAD
    • DigSilent

    Lab Experiments:

    1. Formation of Y-BUS (SSL)
    2. Load flow using Newton Raphson method (SSL).
    3. To simulate a TCR Circuit using PSCAD.
    4. Study of working of phase shifting transformer power transfer using phase shifting transformer.
    5. Study of Transmission line using transmission line simulator.
    6. Study of SCR controlled fully controlled rectifier.
    7. Study of IGBT based single phase grid inverter.
    8. V and Inverter V characteristics of Synchronous motor.
    9. Study of IDMT relay characteristics.
    10. Study of B-H characteristic of a single phase transformer.

    Faculty Incharge : Dr. Praveen Tripathy

    Associate Faculty Incharge : Dr. S. K. Nayak

    Staff Incharge : Mr. Ridib Bharali