Always thought that IIT will be all about studies and grades? Well, think again. Here you will find everything ranging from dance, music, and drama, to movies, debates and quizzes. You have worked hard enough to get into IIT. Now it’s time to ease out a bit get yourself involved with several activities to develop your personality and hone your skills. IITG has its own Cultural Board which organizes and promotes all extracurricular cultural activities. It has currently nine clubs, namely; Anchoring, Choreography, Fine Arts, Literary, Performing Arts, Photography, Music and the Movie Club, meeting a wide range of interests of the students of the institute. IITG also has its own radio station where we are the RJs, and hopefully, in the future, so shall you. We even have regular cultural nights where students from all hostels gather together and enjoy the evening with live dances and performances from some of the institute’s many bands.

Cadence Club

Do you think you are a born dancer and if you were not bounded by the JEE preparations,you would have probably ended up touring the world with dance troupes.? Or are you a case of two left feet and too shy to perform or even dance in parties? Well, fear not. We have Cadence-the dance club of IITG. They make the music visible. so dance your way through your college years!
Campus Wiki: https://iitg.wiki/Cadence

Anchoring Club

Do you think you own the stage or does the mere mention of stage gives you sleepless nights and frights.? Whatever be the case, you will find your chance to hone your skills and overcome your fears! The Anchorenza club is here for you! The place which will we provide you all sorts of stage to learn, improve and finally emerge as an "anchor".
Campus Wiki: https://iitg.wiki/Anchorenza_and_RadioG

Fine Arts club

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Pablo Picasso
Express yourself and discover more to yourself with the fine arts club. You will be amazed at your own self. The club will be there with you as you embark on a colorful journey of art, hopes and dreams.
Campus Wiki: https://iitg.wiki/Fine_Arts_Club

Photography club

photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world. You dont take a photograph, you make it. Make many photographs here at IIT guwahati with the Montage- the photography club of IIT guwahati.
Campus Wiki: https://iitg.wiki/Photography_Club

Movie club

We know JEE preparation were rather cruel to you and you could neither develop or explore your love for movies and movie making. The movie club is ready to groom the next Steven Speilsberg. The movie club is waiting for you!
Campus Wiki: https://iitg.wiki/Movie_Club

Music Club

Music gives a soul to the universe, wigs to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything else. Live this music. Dare yourself to set yourself free through this medium. Escape the reality and be in sync with your dreams. The music club is here to take you on this journey of a lifetime!
Campus Wiki: https://iitg.wiki/Music_Club

Drama Club

The drama club performed street plays, held workshops and a full three acts stage play. And you can be a part of it too. Express yourself with the Expressions-The drama club of IITG.
Campus Wiki: https://iitg.wiki/Drama_Club

Literary club

IITG awaits the poet and the writer in you! Unleash it with the litsoc on the campus. Join the all kind of the club- from hobbyists, to virtuoso, to those plainly interested in indulging themselves, and taste the literature from an altogether different plate!
Campus Wiki: https://iitg.wiki/LitSoc-DebSoc

Radio G

Do your friends always tell you that you a "Chatterbox"? Well, why waste your talent on them? Lets grab up a mic and show them the power of speaking good. All you need is enthusiasm because "Communication is a skill that you can learn.It's like riding a bicycle or typing.If you are willing to work at it,you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life"!
Campus Wiki: https://iitg.wiki/Anchorenza_and_RadioG