Hostel Affairs Board

So now we come to the Hostel Affairs Board. Hostels as quoted by the alumnus are “home away from home” for the students. When you join you will be allotted a single occupancy room in one of the hostels. Hostels at IIT Guwahati are named on the tributaries of river Brahmaputra. Residential environment of the hostel provides a conducive environment for all round development of the students. Living with hundreds of other boarders, hostel atmosphere fosters community feeling, healthy competitive spirit and cohesive cultural growth among the boarders.
The body looking after the well-being of these hostels is the Hostel Affairs Board (HAB).
The structure of HAB is:
Chairman, HAB and Wardens of all hostels, General Secretary, HAB; Joint Secretary, HAB and General Secretaries of all the hostels.

Hostel Management Committee

Going deep into the structure, we have Hostel Management Committee (HMCs) for each hostel. HMC comprises of 1 Warden and 2 Associate Wardens as faculty member. Student members in HMC are General Secretary (usually third yearites), Convener for the Mess Management Committee, Technical Secretary, Sports Secretary, Welfare Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Literary Secretary and Maintenance Secretary.