● Students may opt for a Minor in a discipline other than the discipline he/she is registered in. Students completing a minor will have the minor mentioned in the degree certificate and in the final grade card.
● The credit requirements for a minor discipline will be in the range of 30 - 36 credits. The minor courses will spread over the third to seventh semesters of a BTech programme with one course per semester.
● Only those students who have completed all the credits required in the first two semesters of their studies with a CPI of 6.5 or above, will be eligible for a minor discipline after the end of second semester.
● The number of seats in each minor discipline will be as per decision of the Senate of IIT Guwahati. However, a minor discipline will not be available if the number of applicants in that discipline is less than five.
● Selection to minor disciplines shall be made strictly in order of merit of the applicants.
● Joining the minor disciplines carried out in accordance with the above rules will be effective from the third semester of the applicants concerned. No change of minor discipline shall be permitted after this.
● A student with only minor courses remaining as backlogs at the beginning of a semester (other than a Summer semester) will be deemed to have completed the B. Tech. programme and he/she will be awarded a B.Tech degree without a minor.


With current pre-requisite of common courses in first year, students from Design department will not be able to apply for Minor in any department.
Design department wants to appeal other departments to open their minor for Design students. Design students may bring different perspective to your class.