You are here for an overall development of your personality, so to keep you healthy and fit, we have all the facilities for sports, both indoor and outdoor. All outdoor sports like athletics, swimming, cricket, football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, etc. and indoor sports like table tennis, weight lifting, chess, carom, squash, etc. are actively played by all throughout the year. We have a Sports Board to organize and promote all extracurricular activities in the field of sports. It currently comprises of eleven clubs, one each for Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Athletics & Gymnastics Club, Table Tennis Club, Aquatics Club and Badminton Club.
Recently, IIT Guwahati has flourished its branches in the world of sports by bringing KHO-KHO, KABADDI, CHESS and CARROM to spotlight for students. So if you wish to be a master striker, a perfect planner, or a dirt lover, come up with your talents and we ensure you best possible way to perfection.
The SAC grounds are open till 9 P.M. at night and you can issue sports equipment from the security guard at the SAC desk by bringing your I-Card. The use of the swimming pool requires you to register permanently and get a separate pool card. Don’t worry if you are a big zero in sports and never knew where to begin. There is a full-time dedicated team of professional coaches for various sporting activities. Physical fitness and mental alertness is a mantra for success in life. So, each one of you do make it a point to take some time out from your busy schedules for sports and extracurricular activities.

Athletics Club

The track events are held on a 400 m grass track. Additionally two long jump pits, a pole vault arena, and a full-fledged area for throw events constitute the athletic framework.

Aquatics Club

Students can avail the facilities of the standard Olympic sized swimming pool that has produced many excellent swimmers over the years under the guidance of international coaches, available throughout the year.


There are three basketball courts in the campus which have been renovated recently, two of them with floodlights. Enthusiasts sweating it out over a game after sunset is a common sight.


IIT Guwahati campus has ten well-kept badminton courts, the highest among all the IITs. Five of which are synthetic, while five are wooden courts. The wooden court stadium was inaugurated by the magnificent Mary Kom.

Cricket Club

Two tough pitched cricket grounds, with floodlights and a practice arena with five nets are part of the cricketing scenario of the campus. Needless to say, you have a great opportunity to witness the feeling of a professional.

Football Club

The well maintained International standard football ground is witness to many spirited sessions of the beautiful game. The FIFA 2017 under-19 world cup games are scheduled to be held in IIT Guwahati football ground itself.

Hockey Club

The national game of our country is loved and highly encouraged among the IITG junta. Two magnificent Hockey grounds are present in the campus, with a series of competitions and events held throughout the year to keep on maintaining the Hockey culture in the campus.

Lawn Tennis Club

The campus houses four hard courts, which are complemented with a huge practice wall.

Squash Club

IITG culture for sports is widely open. All other sports being in one side, IITG is crowned with one perfectly dimensioned wooden squash ground too.

Table Tennis Club

Table tennis culture is very vast in IIT Guwahati. With a craze for T.T. in students, every hostel has a T.T. table, along with six tables present in the Table Tennis room, SAC building where the inter IIT players practice.


Institute houses a state of art Gymnasium. Gymnasium offers perfect workout equipments, for a pro as well as a beginner. It provides optimal workout ambience, whether you have to trim away some fat or are looking forward to stand par with Arnold Schwarzenegger. It has room for machines such as Squat station, Cable and Pulleys, Hammer Strength, Preacher’s Bench, Leg Press, Hack Squat and many more. Gymnasium does have qualified gym trainer for guidance and assistance. Moreover, there are separate gyms for men and women.

Weightlifting Club

The weightlifting room, situated in old SAC building, is facilitated with modern equipment and weightlifter can work out with music in the backdrop. Students may join the weightlifting club in which a plethora of events are organized regularly.

Volleyball Club

IIT Guwahati provides a range of opportunities for volleyball enthusiasts to hone their talent and showcase it in front of bigger faces. With three courts maintained under the sports board, IIT Guwahati gives you an opportunity to bring out the best in you.