The Students’ Welfare Board broadly addresses the overall well being of the students of the institute. Its scope of activities includes among various welfare activities such as faculty-student interactions, senior-junior interactions, organizing yoga and meditation camps, serving the society through Social Service Club, group discussions, coffee house sessions, counselling services to students and a lot of other activities which are aimed at keeping the mind, body and soul of the IITians sound.
Well, what do they have for you? Here at IITG, the Students’ Welfare Board is committed to ensure that you have no issues adapting to the new home you are about to live in. They will give you a warm welcome by organizing the Fresher’s Week, which will have events aiming at helping you in adapting to your new home. Another major question which you all might be having is about Ragging. Well friends, we assure you all that there is no such thing in the campus and you are about to enter a friendly environment and home away from home. Do contact us at any time regarding any problem that you might be facing during your stay in the campus.

Saathi- The Counselling Service

When one is away from his/her comfort zone, a mentor, a counsellor, a saathi emerges as a shed in storm. Saathi, the counselling service of IIT Guwahati, has experienced counselors who are ready to take the responsibility to guide you towards the path of success. This includes tackling personal, family and peer problems as well as managing academics more responsibly.
Campus Wiki: https://iitg.wiki/Saathi_Club

Social Service Club

The main aim of the social club is to make some efforts to uplift the society by organizing different activities. It also targets to bring smiles to the Underprivileged children outside the campus and give flights to their hopes. This club coordinates between the welfare board and the NSS community as well.
Campus Wiki: https://iitg.wiki/Social_Service_Club

Youth Empowerment Club

The Youth Empowerment Club engages youth in positive activities during the hours that they are most likely to be involved in the negative lures of their communities. The program of the club is designed to help students build self-esteem, enhance communication, manage anger and violent expression, enhance decision making skills, become independent thinkers and create positive relationships with others. Our programs promote safety by empowering youth to make positive choices about their education, recreational activities and personal actions. Mission of Club is to empower young people through development and implementation of different programs so that they actively participate in the life of the campus and to support them in solving of their problems and needs, and in that way to contribute the development of quality of youth and community life.
Campus Wiki: https://iitg.wiki/Youth_Empowerment_Club

Rights and Responsibility Club

This club is responsible for advising the board and simulating efforts for preserving and creating awareness about human rights of campus residents, including issues of ragging,harassment, and discrimination. Also, if someone feels that their rights are violated in any quarter and they feel forcibly obliged, they are free to come up with their issues and the club will try to help them in all possible ways.
Campus Wiki: https://iitg.wiki/Rights_and_Responsibilities_Club

Red Ribbon Club

This club focuses on spreading Awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention methods to reduce occurrences of HIV infection among youth and motivating them to help and support people living with HIV/AIDS thereby reducing stigma and discrimination.
Campus Wiki: https://iitg.wiki/Red_Ribbon_Club