[QIP/TEQIP/Short-Term Course]
  • GIAN course on "Autonomic Networks", October 30 - November 03, 2017.
    Coordinator: Dr. Partha Sarathi Mandal
  • GIAN course on "Distributed Networks Algorithm", June 27 - July 02, 2016.
    Coordinator: Dr. Partha Sarathi Mandal
  • Algorithms in Engineering, February 15-19, 2016.
    Coordinator: Dr. Gautam K. Das
  • Mathematical Analysis and its Applications to Engineering, January 02-04, 2016.
    Coordinator: Dr. Jitendriya Swain and Dr. Bikash Bhattacharjya
    Coordinator: Prof. B.K. Sarma and Dr. B. Deka
  • Mathematics for Engineering Education, February 16-20, 2015.
    Coordinator: Prof. M. Guru Prem Prasad
  • Recent Trends in Networks and Distributed Computing, February 10-14, 2015.
    Coordinator: Dr. Partha Sarathi Mandal
  • Role of Numerical Analysis in Scientific Computing, May 20-24, 2013.
    Coordinator: Dr. S. Natesan
  • Analytical and Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations, December 6-10, 2010.
    Coordinator: Dr. S. Natesan
  • Mathematical Methods, Modeling and Optimal Control, June 2-6, 2009.
    Coordinators: Dr. Swaroop Nandan Bora, Dr. Siddhartha P. Chakrabarty
  • Theory, Numerics and Applications of Differential Equations, December 10-14, 2007.
    Coordinator: Dr. S. Natesan
  • Matrix Computations, December 18-22, 2006.
    Coordinators: Dr. Rafikul Alam, Dr. Rajen Kumar Sinha
  • Mathematical Techniques in Science and Engineering, June 26-30, 2006.
    Coordinator: Dr. Swaroop Nandan Bora
  • Fundamentals of Numerical Computing, June 6-10, 2005.
    Coordinator: Dr. S. Natesan
  • Foundations of Computer Science, Novemer 16-20, 2004.
    Coordinators: Dr. M.P. Rajan, Dr. Soumen Maity
  • Computational Methods for Differential Equations, March 08-16, 2004.
    Principal Coordinator: Dr. S. Natesan Coordinator: Dr. D.C. Dalal
  • Mathematics Training and Talent Search (M.T.T.S.) Programme, May 29 - June 24, 2017.
    Coordinator: Prof. Bhaba Kumar Sarma
  • Mathematics Training and Talent Search (M.T.T.S.) Programme, June 23 - July 19, 2014.
    Coordinator: Dr. K. V. Krishna Photo
  • Mathematics Training and Talent Search (M.T.T.S.) Programme, May 14 - June 16, 2012.
    Coordinator: Dr. S. Natesan
  • Mathematics Training and Talent Search Programmes.
    1999 (Coordinator: Dr. M. Bhattacharjee), 2000,2001,2002,2003 (Coordinator: Dr. B. K. Sarma), 2004 (Coordinator: Dr. D.C.Dalal), 2007 (Coordinator: Dr. B. K. Sarma), 2008 (Coordinator : Dr. N. Selvaraju)
  • Special Lectures (Completion of 10 years of IITG Mathematics Seminar Series), March 8, 2006.
    Organizing Secretary: Dr. Bhaba Kumar Sarma
  • Mathematics Day (Completion of 100 talks of IITG Mathematics Seminar Series), August 21, 2004.
    Organizing Secretary: Dr. Swaroop Nandan Bora
  • Indian Woman and Mathematics Regional Workshop on Research and Opportunities , February 19-20, 2016.
    Coordinator: Dr. Shreemayee Bora
  • Postgraduate Level Training Programme on Differential Equations, June 02-21, 2014.
    Coordinator: Prof. Rajen K Sinha, Dr. Bhupen Deka
  • Adavnced Training in Mathematics Workshop on Numerical Linear Algebra, January 7-12, 2013.
    Coordinator: Prof. Rafikul Alam, Dr. Shreemayee Bora
  • Workshop on Mathematical Finance (WMF 2012) (An IIT Guwahati - IISc Mathematics Initiative Event), October 29 - November 03, 2012.
    Coordinator: Dr. N. Selvaraju, Dr. Siddhartha P. Chakrabarty
  • Advanced Instructional School on Numerical Linear Algebra, December 02-24, 2010.
    Coordinator: Prof. Rafikul Alam, Dr. Shreemayee Bora
  • International Workshop on Recent Advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics (A Satellite Event of ICM 2010), 30 Aug - 02 Sept, 2010.
    Coordinator: Prof. Durga Charan Dalal, Prof. Rajen Kumar Sinha, Dr. Siddhartha P. Chakrabarty
  • Training Programme on Theoretical and Numerical Aspects of Ordinary Differential Equations (TPODE'05), Decemer 15-24, 2005.
    Coordinator: Dr. S. Natesan
  • Summer School on Stochastic Processes and Applications (SSSPA-2005), July 11-23, 2005.
    Coordinators: Dr. Arindam Sengupta, Dr. N. Selvaraju
  • Instructional Workshop on Geometric Group Theory, December 2-15,2002.
    Convener: Dr. Meenaxi Bhattacharjee Workshop 09 Dec 2004 Instructional Workshop on Algebraic Graph Theory, December 9-18, 2004 Convener: Dr. Bhaba Kumar Sarma
  • Turn of the Millennium Lectures. Functional Analysis: Current Directions, December 20-24, 1999.
    Convener: Dr. Meenaxi Bhattacharjee, Convener (Academic): Dr. Rafikul Alam
  • National Conference on Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, February 05-09, 2015..
    Convener: Dr. Vinay Wagh
  • International Conference on Numerical Linear Algebra and its Applications.
    15-18 January, 2013 Coordinator: Prof. Rafikul Alam, Dr. Shreemayee Bora
  • InternationalConference on Environmental Fluid Mechanics (ICEFM'05), March 3-5,2005.
    Convener: Dr. D.C. Dalal, Organizing Secretary: Dr.Swaroop Nandan Bora
  • International Conference on Geometric Group Theory, December 15-21, 2002..
    Convener: Dr. Meenaxi Bhattacharjee

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