List of Advisors for Undergraduate Students

 Program  Batch  Faculty advisor
B. Tech 2012  Dr. D. Pamu
B. Tech 2013  Dr. Soumitra Nandi
B. Tech 2014  Prof. Pratima Agarwal
 Prof. Saurabh Basu
B. Tech 2015  List of faculty advisors 
B. Tech 2016 List of faculty advisors
B. Tech 2017 List of faculty advisors
M. Sc 2014  Dr. Basanta R Boruah
M. Sc 2015  List of faculty advisors 
M.Sc 2016 List of faculty advisors
M.Sc 2017 List of Faculty Advisors

Faculty advisors act on the following matters:

(i) To help the students in planning their courses of study and getting general advice on the academic programme.

(ii) Every student is required to register for the approved courses through the Faculty Advisor at the commencement of each semester on the day fixed for such registration and notified in the Academic Calendar.