PH 102                                       Physics                                        2-1-0-6


Prerequisite: Nil



Electrostatics: Gauss's law and its applications, Divergence and Curl of Electrostatic fields,Electrostatic Potential, Boundary conditions, Work and Energy, Conductors, Capacitors, Laplace's equation, Method of images, Boundary value problems in Cartesian Coordinate Systems, Dielectrics, Polarization, Bound Charges, Electric displacement, Boundary conditions in dielectrics, Energy in dielectrics, Forces on dielectrics. 

Magnetostatics: Lorentz force, Biot-Savart and Ampere's laws and their applications, Divergence and Curl of Magnetostatic fields, Magnetic vector Potential, Force and torque on a magnetic dipole, Magnetic materials, Magnetization, Bound currents, Boundary conditions. 

Electrodynamics: Ohm's law, Motional EMF, Faraday's law, Lenz's law, Self and Mutual inductance, Energy stored in magnetic field, Maxwell's equations, Continuity Equation, Poynting Theorem, Wave solution of Maxwell Equations. 

Electromagnetic waves: Polarization, reflection & transmission at oblique incidences.




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