Gopal Das

Prof. Gopal Das


Ph.D. (IIT Kanpur)
Research Area: Supramolecular, Bioorganic chemistry and Biomineralization.
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  • Education

  • Experience

    • Head, Department of Chemistry, May 2020 - till date
    • Member, Board of Governors NIT Mizoram, February 2018 - till date
    • Dean, R&D, August 2017 - April 2020
    • Associate Dean, R&D, October 2015 - July 2017
    • Member, Official Language Implementation Committee, July 2015 - till date
    • Head, Centre for the Environment, August 2011-July 2015
    • Organizing Vice-Chairman GATE-2010, IIT Guwahati
    • Member, Dean Nomination Committee, February 2014 - March 2016
    • DPPC Secretary, Environment Center, 2007-August 2011
    • DUPC Secretary, Chemistry Department, 2008 - 2011
    • Associate Warden, Siang Hostel, 2009
    • Associate Warden, Manas Hostel, 2010
    • Warden, Brahmaputra Hostel, 2011
    • Preparatory Course Coordinator, 2010-11
    • 2013-till date, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Assam, India
    • 2008-2013, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Assam, India
    • 2004-2008, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Assam, India
    • 2003-2004, Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Rajasthan, India
    • 1999-2003, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Geneva, Switzerland
    • 1994-1999, Doctor of Philosophy, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
    • 1991-1993, Master of Science, Calcutta University, India
    • 1988-1991, Bachelor of Science, Calcutta University, India
  • Teaching

    In IIT Guwahati
    •       CH-002 Preparatory Chemistry (pre-B. Tech course)
    •       CH-101 General Chemistry (B. Tech. course)
    •       CH-110 General Chemistry Laboratory (B. Tech. course)
    •       CH-201 Prelimineries of Inorganic Chemistry (M. Sc course)
    •       CH-212 Inorganic Chemistry (B. Tech course)
    •       CH 301 Spectroscopic Techniques in Chemistry (B. Tech. course)
    •       CH-314 Chemical Technology Lab -II (B. Tech. course)
    •       CH-410 Transition and Non-transition Metal Chemistry (M. Sc. course)
    •       CH-411 Inorganic Reaction Mechanism and Organometallics (M. Sc. course)
    •       CH 414 Industrial Chemistry (B. Tech. course)
    •       CH-415 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (M. Sc. course)
    •       CH-611 Bioinorganic Chemistry (M. Sc. course)
    •       CH-605 Applied Crystallography (Ph. D. Course)
    •       CH-603 Supramolecules: Concept and Applications (Ph. D. Course)
    •       CH-616 Bioinorgnic (Ph. D. Course)
    •       CH-500 Graduate Seminar (M. Sc. Course)
    In BITS, Pilani
    •       Chemistry - I (B. Tech. course)
    •       Chemistry - II (B. Tech. course)
    •       Chemistry Laboratory (B. Tech. course)
    •       Stereochemistry and reaction mechanism (M. Sc.course)
    •       Stereoselective organic synthesis (M. Sc. course)
    •       Structure and reactivity of organic compounds (M. Sc. course)
    •       Physical Organic Chemistry (Ph. D. Course)
  • Awards

    • National Eligibility Test (NET), November 1993. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).
    • Fellowship of Swiss National Science Foundation, November 1999.
    • Recognised by the Chemical Abstract Services (CAS), USA and American Chemical Society (ACS) as author of the "Most Requested Journal Article" in 2004.
  • Patents

     Indian Patent Application No. 201831001543