Parameswar Krishnan Iyer

Prof. Parameswar Krishnan Iyer


Ph.D. (CSMCRI, Bhavnagar)
Research Area: Organic and Polymer synthesis, Bio & Chemosensors, Optoelectronic devices
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  • Education

    • 1995-1999: Ph.D. Silicates and Catalysis Division, Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute, Bhavnagar,India
    • 1993-1995: Masters in Science (M.Sc.) in Organic Chemistry,Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar, India.
    • 1990-1993: Bachelors in Science (B.Sc.) in Chemistry ,Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar, India.

  • Experience

    • January'13-Now: Professor ,Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Guwahati,Assam, India
    • April'08-January'13: Associate Professor , Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati, Assam, India
    • July'04-March'08: Assistant Professor , Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati, Assam, India
    • December'03-July'04: US-Army Research Associate , Department of Macromolecular Science & Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
    • October'01-November'03: Dupont Postgraduate Researcher , Center for Polymers and Organic Solids, University of California, Santa Barbara, California, USA
    • October'00-September'01: Lady Davis Postdoctoral Research Fellow ,Department of Chemistry, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, ISRAEL
    • October'99-September'00: Goldschmidt Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow,Department of Chemistry, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, ISRAEL
  • Teaching

  • Awards

     Editorial Advisory Board Member ACS Sensors January2021 (03 years)

    • MRSI Medal 2020

    • CRSI Bronze Medal 2019 in Chemistry

    • Editorial Advisory Board Member RSC Materials Chemistry Frontiers January 2019 (02 years)

    • Editorial Advisory Board Member ACS Applied Biomaterials April 2018 (02 years)

    • Editorial Advisory Board Member ACS Applied Nano Materials May 2018 (02 years)

    • Awarded “IAAM Scientist Award” by International Association of Advanced Materials March 2016

    • Associate Editor Nature Scientific Reports Since 2015

    • Head, Max-Planck India Partner Group (2012-2017)

    • INSA Medal for Young Scientist in Chemical Sciences (2008)

    • Max-Planck India Fellowship (Max Planck group, Germany – DST, India) 2008-2011

    • US-Army Research Associate Fellowship (CWRU, Ohio, USA) December 2003

    • Dupont Postgraduate Researcher Fellowship (UCSB, California, USA) October 2001

    • Lady Davis Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (Technion-Israel) October 2000

    • Goldschmidt Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (Technion-Israel) October 1999

    • CSIR-Senior Research Fellowship (CSIR-India) October 1997
  • Patents

    24.    Iyer, P. K.; Barman, D. Highly Fluorescence ‘J-shaped’ Multifunctional Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) and Stimuli Responsive Organic Luminogens (SROL) for Lighting Applications and a method for attaining said TADF from an Inaccessible Near-IR Room Temperature Phosphorescence (NIR-RTP). Ref. No. 201931020985, Appl. No. TEMP/E-1/22090/2019-KOL.


    23.    Iyer, P. K.; Gupta, R. K.; Afroz, M. A.; Garai, R. A High Efficiency Polymer Solar Cell and a Process for Fabricating the same. Ref. No. 201931019186, Appl. No. TEMP/E-1/20133/2019-KOL.


    22.    Iyer, P. K.; Meher, N. Functional Group Engineering in Naphthalimides to Fine-Tune the Supramolecular Self-Assembly and Condensed State Luminescence. Ref. No.201931020811, Appl. No. TEMP/E-1/21902/2019-KOL.


    21.    Iyer, P. K.; Garai, R.; Afroz, M. A.; Gupta, R. K. PTB7-Th donor polymer based Donor- acceptor (D-A) conducting polymer (CPs) suitable for polymer solar cells (PSC) and devices thereof. Ref. No. 201931020744, Appl. No. TEMP/E-1/21812/2019-KOL.


    20.    Singh, N.; Malik, A. H.; Patra, S.; Iyer, P. K., Xanthine as a Scaffold for Synthesis of Novel Compounds. App. No. 201631028745


    19.    Gopikrishna, P.; Iyer, P. K., Aggregation Induced Emission and Crystal Induced Mechanochromism of Mono-Substituted Dibenzofulvene Derivatives, Ref. No. 201831027836, App. Number: TEMP/E-1/30434/2018-KOL.


    18.    Zehra, N.; Kalita, A.; Malik, A. H.; Iyer, P. K. Hydrogen Bonding Mediated Method for the Ultradetection of Nerve Gas Vapors Using Amine Functionalized Conjugated Polymer Based Electrical Sensors, Ref. No. 201831020132, App. Number: TEMP/E-1/21236/2018-KOL.


    17.    Malik, A. H.; Kalita, K.; Iyer, P. K. Development of Well Preserved, Substrate-Versatile Latent Fingerprints and a Method for its Visualization Utilizing Aggregation Induced Enhanced Emission Active Conjugated Polyelectrolyte, Ref. No. 201831017339, App. Number: TEMP/E-1/18276/2018-KOL.


    16.    Meher, N.; Iyer, P. K., (18/07/2018), Spontaneously Self-Assembled Nanosheets for the Detection of Organic Volatile Contaminants in Water, Ref. No. 201831026896, App. Number: TEMP/E-1/29385/2018-KOL.


    15.    Meher, N.;Iyer, P. K. (08/05/2018), Hydrazine Detector Device Comprising of Fluorescent Organic Molecular Probe, Ref. No. 201831017337, App. Number: TEMP/E-1/18338/2018-KOL.


    14.    Dey, A.; Singh, A.; Dutta, D.; Ghosh, S. S.; Iyer, P. K., (04/01/2018), An Ultra-low Voltage Operated Organic Field Effect Transistor (OFET) based Bio-sensing System and A Method for Fabricating the Same, Ref. No. 201831000478, App. No. TEMP/E-1/462/2018-KOL.


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    12.    Dey, A.; Singh, A.;Iyer, P. K., (27/12/2017), Method for the Fabrication of Ultralow Voltage Operated, Reduced Bias Stress, Multi-layer Dielectric System Comprising n-Type Organic Field Effect Transistors, Ref. No. 201731046914, App. No. TEMP/E-1/47853/2017-KOL.


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