9-11 January 2017     |     Department of Design   |    IIT Guwahati   |     Guwahati, India
Keynote Speaker


Prof. B. Ravi

Department of Mechanical Engineering
IIT Bombay

B. Ravi is an Institute Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and heads E-Foundry and BETiC- Biomedical Engineering and Technology incubation Centre at IIT Bombay. He is also Vice President of CMTI Governing Council, Honorary Adjunct Professor at National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, and alumnus of IISc (Masters and PhD). Over the last 25 years, he guided the development of several innovative technologies and products in metal casting and medical fields, leading to 250 technical papers, 3 books, 20 patents, 5 software copyrights and three start-ups. His work has been recognized by several awards and invited talks in leading institutions worldwide

Title of Keynote Address:

“Medical Device Innovation: From Research to Reality”


India requires a large number of medical devices that are affordable and suitable for the local population. Their development requires synergistic collaboration between doctors, researchers and entrepreneurs to cross the ‘valleys of death’ from ‘bed to bench to bed’. Translational research centers like BETiC at IIT Bombay are laying the path by creating multi-disciplinary teams with a unique culture of rapid collaborative innovation. We will share some of the success stories, including surgical instruments, diagnostic devices, rehabilitation aids and software products. There are several interesting lessons and best practices that may be useful to all those interested in inter-disciplinary Research and Development.

Conference Chair
Debkumar Chakrabarti
DoD, IIT Guwahati
Programme Chair
Amaresh Chakrabarti
CPDM, IISc Bangalore

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