9-11 January 2017     |     Department of Design   |    IIT Guwahati   |     Guwahati, India
Keynote Speaker



Prof. Jinan KB

Founder, Re Imagining School

I am a designer, educationist who got interested in the processes involved in the formation/ awakening of creativity, intelligence and aesthetics and its relation to the context/culture. I was led to this existential research due to the contradiction I found in institutionalized education vs organic learning in communities. My exposure to how children and non-literate learn made me explore the biological roots of learning as well as the loss of biology among the so called educated. My present research is on understanding how children learn the world and world's impact on children's formation and how learning the WORD has impacted (world view, cognitive, construction of knowledge) the so called educated.

Title of Keynote Address 1:

“ Children naturally learn the world; not the word”
Exploring the similarity of design education and the natural cognitive process in children


What the child learns, left to itself is the way the world is. The world awakens the child to the workings of the world in the child. So children are learning the way the world looks, the quality or the property of its materiality and the functions, processes and the various phenomenon that happens around them. This is the most scientific way of understanding the world around as well as sharpening the tools to understand the world and developing the qualities to be in the world. The integrity of the world is retained by this integral way of relating to the world. The wholistic nature of the world awakens the wholistic nature in the child.

Conference Chair
Debkumar Chakrabarti
DoD, IIT Guwahati
Programme Chair
Amaresh Chakrabarti
CPDM, IISc Bangalore

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