9-11 January 2017     |     Department of Design   |    IIT Guwahati   |     Guwahati, India
Workshop SIG-DM

Human and cultural factors influencing the decision making process

Sandro Wartzack, Thomas Luft, Julie Le Cardinal

Short background:
The research activities of the SIG DM contribute to the field of engineering design research especially in the development of methodologies and tools in order to support the decision maker and to describe the decision making situation. The selection of promising ideas represents a decision making process which can be characterized as complex, dynamic and multi-staged process which has multiple and often conflicting objectives as well as involves different groups of decision makers. Due to the complexity of product development process, the task of the decision making needs to be supported not only methodologically but also through the use of IT tools.

Past two workshops:
Thus, during last ICED 2015 in Milano, participants of the SIG DM discussed about decision making models as a basis for iDecide App, the new Decision Making App. The main output (e.g. first concepts for an iDecide app) and some further research work is summarized in our paper with the title “A Business Model Canvas for idecide - How to design a new decision making app?”. This paper was presented by Thomas Luft at the beginning of our last workshop during the DESIGN 2016. Thereafter, we motivated our participants of the workshop by presenting them the concept of the iDecide App (smartphone app) to support decision making in the context of engineering design. Afterwards, we also presented a first prototype of this iDecide App. Then, the participants had the opportunity to use this prototype app in the workshop to find good decisions in three different case studies.

Workshop description:
Based on the feedback from the workshop, we have continued to develop the prototype. We have taken into account many different factors during the improvement of the prototype. However, we have not yet taken into account human and cultural factors. This is the reason why we would like to discuss with the participants of the workshops about these additional factors influencing the decision making process. For this purpose, the participants should find good and appropriate decisions for three different case studies with the help of the prototype of the iDecide app. The participants should particularly take into account cultural and human factors. Subsequently, we would like to discuss how these factors can be better considered in decision making process – systematically, methodically and by using the iDecide app.

Future steps:
Therefore, all participants should have a notebook. The feedback, we will get during different group works in the workshop, would be very useful for the further development of the app and for further research within the SIG. We are indeed planning a SIG DM event during the ICED 2017, still on this subject.

Conference Chair
Debkumar Chakrabarti
DoD, IIT Guwahati
Programme Chair
Amaresh Chakrabarti
CPDM, IISc Bangalore
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