Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Mathematics and Computing

The 4-year programme, B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing, is a unique programme and the first of its kind in the country. The curriculum for this program is designed to meet the need of sophisticated mathematics in modern scientific investigations and technological innovations. The programme has three components: mathematics, computing and financial engineering which are perfectly blended so that the strong mathematical and analytical components that are in-built in the curriculum form the basis on which the technological aspects of computing and finance are developed. Consequently, the programme, which is run by a team of committed faculty as instructors, produces a group of students with multiple skills in mathematics, computer science and financial engineering.

Though the programme is relatively new, its success has already been manifested through internships and job placements, and admissions for higher studies at premier institutions, both in India and abroad. The students are admitted through JEE (Advanced).

Structure effective from 2018 batch onwards [Structure effective from 2010 to 2017 batches] [Structure effective upto 2009 batch]

Syllabus of BTech (2018 Batch) Core/ First Year Courses

Semester 1

CH101 Chemistry3108
CH110 Chemistry Laboratory0033
EE101 Basic Electrinics3108
MA101 Mathematics - I3108
ME110/PH110 Workshop/Physics Laboratory0033
ME111 Engineering Drawing2037
PH101 Physics - I2106
HS101 English Communication
(Only for required students)


Semester 2

BT101 Introductory Biology3006
CS101 Introduction to Computing3006
CS110 Computing Laboratory0033
EE102 Basic Electronics Laboratory0033
MA102 Mathematics - II3108
ME101 Engineering Mechanics3108
PH102 Physics - II2106
PH110/ME110 Physics Laboratory/Workshop0033
SA1xx Students' Activity Course - I0020


Semester 3

MA201 Mathematics - III3108
MA221 Discrete Mathematics3006
MA222 Elementary Number Theory and Algebra3006
MA225 Probability Theory and Random Processes3108
MA251 Data Structures2026
CS221 Digital Design3006
SA2xx- Students' Activity Course - II0020
Minor Course-1(3 0 0 6)


Semester 4

HSxxx First Level HSS Elective - I3006
MA224 Real Analysis3006
MA252 Design and Analysis of Algorithms3006
MA271 Financial Engineering - I3006
CS223 Computer Organization and Architecture3006
CS245 Database Management Systems3006
CS246 Database Management Systems Lab0044
SA3xx- Students' Activity Course - III0020
Minor Course-2(3 0 0 6)


Semester 5

HS1xx First Level HSS Elective - II3006
MA321 Optimization3006
MA323 Monte Carlo Simulation0124
MA372 Stochastic Calculus for Finance3006
CS341 Computer Networks3006
CS342 Computer Networks Lab0044
CS343 Operating Systems3006
CS344 Operating Systems Lab0044
SA4xx- Students' Activity Course - IV0020
Minor Course-3(3 0 0 6)


Semester 6

MA322 Scientific Computing3028
MA324 Statistical Inference and Multivariate Analysis3006
MA351 Theory of Computation4008
MA373 Financial Engineering - II3006
MA374 Financial Engineering Laboratory0033
MA3xx Department Elective - I3006
Minor Course-4(3 0 0 6)


Semester 7

HS2xx Second Level HSS Elective - I3006
MA423 Matrix Computations3028
MA473 Computational Finance3028
MA4xx Department Elective - II3006
MA498 Project - I0066
Minor Course-5(3 0 0 6)


Semester 8

HS2xx Second Level HSS Elective - II3006
MA4xx Department Elective - III3006
MA4xx Department Elective - IV3006
OExxx Open Elective - I3006
MA499 Project - II001010

List of electives

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