Welding Shop

Welding is a process of joining similar metals by application of heat with or without application of pressure and addition of filler material. The application of welding is so varied and extensive that it would be no exaggeration to say that there is no metal industry and no branch of engineering that does not make use of welding in one form or other.

Fitting Shop

The term “Fitting” is the assembling together of parts and removing metals to secure the necessary fit, and may or may not be carried out at the bench. Although, in this modern era majority of the work can be finished to fairly good degree of accuracy in a reasonable time through various machining operations, they still require some operations to be done on them to finish the job by hand.

Foundry Shop

Foundry or casting is a process of forming metallic products by melting the metal, pouring it into a cavity known as the mould, and allowing it to solidify. Almost any article may be cast with proper technique and design, and there is practically no limit as to the size and shape of the castings that may be made.

Carpentry Shop

The term “Carpentry” deals with any class of work with wood. Wood is one of the most valuable bio-degradable raw materials of industry and daily uses, it is having good machining characteristics and can be sliced, bent, planed, sawed and moulded as per the requirement.

Machine Shop

This shop includes all types of Milling Machine, Shaper, Slotting Machine, all types of Drill Machine, Planner, all types of Grinding Machine.

CNC Shop

This shop consists of all types of sophisticated machines like CNC Lathe, CNC Milling, Wire Cut EDM, Die Sinking EDM, CNC Simulator etc.

Turning Shop

This shop includes all types conventional Lathe Machine.