Steps to be followed for filling up the Application of Institute Post Doctoral Fellowship IPDF-Both National (N-IPDF) & Foreign (F-IPDF)-2022-23

  1. The candidates will have to first fill in their details after clicking on "Register New Candidate" in the right panel of the Application portal.
  2. After successful submission of details, the Candidates will be able to log in using their registered email and chosen password.
  3. After login, the Candidate has to choose any one of the “Joint Concept Notes” of interest irrespective of their branch of study. Then click on the “Apply” button against the respective chosen Joint Concept Note.
  4. Click on the “Proceed” button that appeared on the popup box to go to the Project Proposal Submission area.
  5. The candidates will have to download the Project Proposal Template for the preparation of the Proposal from the Project Proposal Submission area, OR, Candidate can download the Project Proposal Template from https://www.iitg.ac.in/rnd/ipdf/images/projectProposalTemplate.pdf.
  6. The candidates will have to upload the Full PROJECT PROPOSAL against their chosen Joint Concept Note in the prescribed “PROJECT PROPOSAL TEMPLATE” .
  7. After Clicking "Save & Next", Candidates will have to upload all the relevant academic documents in the next section (File Upload Section).
  8. Candidates can then click on "Review & Proceed to Final Submit" button to Review their Application and submit their application by clicking on "Final Submit" in the same "Application Review" Page.
  9. Candidates have the flexibility to edit and save the Project Proposal and Relevant Files at any moment till the final submission of Application.
  10. After clicking on "Final Submit" button, the application will be submitted and no further modifications can be made.
  11. Click Here to see the details of Eligibility Criteria, Last Date For Receipt of Completed Application Forms, Guidelines and Others.
  12. Click Here to see the details of the Joint Concept Notes against which you are applying.
  13. Candidates can view their full application after submission by logging in again into the portal.

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