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Summer Analytics

A primer course on Data Science and Machine Learning

About the Course

Data Science is all about extracting meaningful insights from huge amount of data. This online data science certification course will revolve around the concepts of Python, Machine Learning, Data Cleaning and Data Analysis. This course will help you understand core concepts and the latest advancements including aspects of Supervised and Unsupervised machine learning, and introduce you to the very latest tools and algorithms used in the industry.

With the availability of numerous paid and free courses across the internet, it becomes overwhelming for students to start with Data Science. To demystify the process, we specially curate a list of courses from 20+ websites, and create a simplified path for our students to follow within 2 months.

The course is conducted by Consulting and Analytics Club of IIT Guwahati in the summers, training 4500+ students and professionals each year. The online course was started to train the students from the IIT Guwahati campus but eventually spread out to different Universities and Organisations across India, and even abroad - spanning 18+ timezones all across the world.

Duration 6 weeks
Pre-requisites None
Projects 5+

What Do Our Students Say?

This 2.5 months journey has been an amazing learning experience for me. When I first decided to enroll for this course, I hadn't expected to gain so much. Thanks to the entire team for coming up with such a comprehensive and well curated course. This course was very fulfilling in terms of the knowledge I gained as well as the hands-on experience I got through assignments and projects.

Shreya Apte, Teaching Assistant at Texas A&M University, Texas

It was a great to be a part this this journey. We really appreciate the work done by summer analytics and the team. They've been excellent in collecting learning sources, setting deadlines, extending them as per students' requests, and finally with a good-level Kaggle competition. Any Paid course couldn't had provided such content and mentor-student and doubt-solving engagement.

Nithin Eiswar, NIT Trichy

A big thanks from the bottom of my heart as I always wanted to learn data science, but wasn't able to go in the right way. This course has definitely given me the headstart I was looking for in the field of data science and looking forward to build upon it and implement. Kudos to everyone for making this possible for all the learners here.

Naresh Kumar Sarangi, MBA Student, Delhi School of Economics


  • Intro To Python & Python Libraries

    • Basics of Python
    • Numpy and Pandas
    • Data Analysis & Visualisations in Python
    Python Basics
  • ML Algorithms

    • Handling Missing Values
    • Types of Machine Learning
    • Linear Regression
    • Logistic Regression
    • Cost Function & Gradient Descent
  • Model Tuning

    • Generalization
    • Overfittiing & Underfitting
    • Support Vector Machines
    • The Confusion Matrix
    • Evaluation Metrics
    ML Algorithms
  • Tree-Based Algorithms

    • Tree based models
    • Gradient Boosting
    • Feature Selection & Engineering
    • Hyperparamter Tuning
    Model Tuning
  • Neural Networks

    • Introduction to Deep Learning
    • Unsupervised Learning
    • Dimensionality Reduction
    • K-Means Clustering
  • Hackathon

    • Hackathon Based
    • Buffer period
    Capstone Project


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