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Winter Consulting

A primer course on Consulting and Business Fundamentals

About the Course

The Business World is saturated with intricate concepts, all of which combined have near-infinite applications. This FREE consulting certification course endeavours to break these concepts down into a digestible but comprehensive week-based format, helping you understand core concepts via a application-based course pathway and mentor-supported peer-learning community with hands-on exercises on Guesstimates, Market Analysis Reports, Industry Analysis Reports, Case Studies, and many more skills essential for Consulting, Finance, Economics, and Marketing.

With the availability of numerous paid and free courses across the internet, it becomes overwhelming for learners to start with the multitude of concepts required for consulting. To demystify the process, we painstakingly curate a list of courses from dozens of websites, and create a simplified path for our community to follow within 4 weeks.

The course is conducted by Consulting and Analytics Club of IIT Guwahati in the winters, and along with our Summer Analytics course, we train 7000+ students and professionals each year. The online course was started to train the students from IIT Guwahati, but has eventually spread out to different Universities and Organisations across India and beyond - spanning 50+ countries all across the world.

Duration 4 weeks
Pre-requisites None!
Projects TBD

What Do Our Students Say?

It was really a good learning experience for me, which helped me to put my startup finally in writing. Hoping to stay connected with all of the course coordinators and also seeing you again in the future.

Kapil Sharma, Entrepreneur

I loved the course a lot. I have attended previous sessions of your club before as well so I know that you guys put in a lot of hardwork. So thanks a lot for this course. I loved the videos of the topics, they were fun to watch and learn from.

Avantika Garg, Founder, Estrategia

Loved the assignments and the curated study material. It helped me a lot to consolidate my learning about consulting.

Shyamli Nimkar, Business Analyst, Merkle Sokrati


  • Economics

    • Basics of Microeconomics & Macroeconomics
    • Game Theory
    • Demand and Supply
    • Economies of Scale
    • Inflation and Unemployment
    • Introduction to Taxes
  • Finance

    • Time Value of Money
    • Stock Markets
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Corporate Finance
  • Consulting Concepts

    • Target Audience
    • Market Analysis
    • Guesstimates
    • Strategic Tools
    Concepts of Consulting
  • Case Frameworks

    • Market framework
    • Market analysis
    • Case Examples
    Case Frameworks


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