? Subhash's Research


Dr. Subhash's research aims to unveil the relevant correlations that control the physics in the strongly correlated regime and to develop few new spinel cubic phase nanostructures useful for microwave devices. Understanding the physics of strongly correlated electron systems is one of the most fascinating and difficult problems in condensed matter physics. In a recent work, he addressed the origin of re-entrant spin-glass behavior and complex magnetic properties of the few ferrimagnetic spinels like Mn3O4 and Co2SnO4.

Dr. Subhash's research also focuses on the synthesis and characterization of Nanostructured Magnetic Materials, High-k dielectrics and Relaxor-ferroelectrics. In a latest report, he demonstrated the origin of relaxor like behavior in Dy2O3 doped KNaNbO3 ceramics and Zn1-xNixO/NiO two-phase.

Spintronic Materials - Interlayer coupling in multilayers, Magneto-transport properties, Multiferroics, and Half metals
Magnetocaloric Effect - Magnetic Cooling in thin-film Superlattices/Heterostructures and Mixed valence compounds
Nanostructures - Controlled synthesis and charecterization of nanometer size magnetic and magnetic-semiconductors
Band-gap Engineering - III-V, II-V, IV-VI groups based binary, ternary and quaternary coumpound semiconductors
Ferroelectrics and High-k Dielectrics - KNN based Relaxor-Ferroelectric oxides and ZrO2 based high k-dielectrics

Research Scholars

Name : Deep Chandra Joshi
Registration id: 136121010
Year of Registration: 2013
Research Topic: Investigation of the dielectric properties of wide band-gap Mott Insulators and their composites
Email id: j.deep@iitg.ernet.in

Name : Sanjib Nayak
Registration id: 136121018
Year of Registration: 2013
Research Topic: Investigation of the magnetic and magneto-dielectric properties of few complex spinels
Email id: sanjib.nayak@iitg.ernet.in

Name : Robin T George
Registration id: 146121015
Year of Registration: 2014
Research Topic: Ferroelectric materials
Email id: r.george@iitg.ernet.in

Name : Prativa Pramanik
Registration id: 156121022
Year of Registration: 2015
Research Topic: Synthesis and Characterization of Spinel Nanostructures
Email id: p.prativa@iitg.ernet.in

Name : Sayandeep Ghosh
Registration id: 166121011
Year of Registration: 2016
Research Topic: Electronic structure Calculations of Spinel Oxides
Email id: sayandeep23@iitg.ernet.in

Institute Post Doctoral Fellow (IPDF)

Name : Dr. Tanveer Ahmad Dar (Ph. D. Devi Ahilya University, Indore)
Mentor: Dr. S. Thota
Year of Registration: 2017
Research Topic: Experimental studies of high k-dielectrics and Mott-insulators

Project Grants:

Funding Agency: epartment of Atomic Energy DAE-BRNS Young Scientist Research Award (YSRA) 7 May-2015.
Research Grant: 20 Lakhs.
Topic: Dielectric studies of few disordered complex spinels

Funding Agency: Department of Science and Technology DST-SERB Young Scientist Scheme (YSS) 4 May-2015.
Research Grant: 25 Lakhs.
Topic: Investigation of the Relaxor-like ferroelectric behavior of few two-phase oxide composite systems

Funding Agency: Board of Research in Fusion Science & Technology, National Fusion Programme. Grant: 34 Lakhs 2011-2016 extended.
Topic: "Dielectric and thermal characterization of Mg(Zr0.05Ti0.95)O3 ceramics for microwave window applications".

Invited Talks:

  • "High Frequency Dielectric and Optical Absorption Studies of Ferroelectric and Ferrimagnetic Spinels" at Workshop on Recent Advances in Photonics (WRAP2017)IEEE Photonics Society (IPS), Mahindra Ecole Centrale (MEC) College of Engineering, Hyderabad-500043, India. On 19 Dec 2017 (6:30 PM)

  • "Novel Electronic Materials" at STTP on ‘Recent Trends in Interdeisciplinary Research in Materials Science’, Annasaheb Dange College Of Engineering & Technology, Ashta-416 301, Sangli, Maharashtra, India. On 26 Dec 2017 (9:30 AM)

  • "Dynamical studies of Ferroelectric-Mott insulator composites and Ferrimagnetic Spinels" at International Conference on Advanced Functional Materials (ICAFM 2017), Basar, Nirmal-504107, Telangana State India On 18 Dec 2017 (4:15 PM)

  • "Unusual Magnetic Behavior of few Ferrimagnetic Spinel Nanostructures" at National Conference on Nanomaterials and its Applications (NCNA-17), Golaghat-785621, Assam, India. On 20 Sept 2017 (10:30 AM)

  • ""Finite-Size and Surface effects in Magnetic Nanostructures"" at Amity School of Applied Sciences, Amity University Haryana, Gurgaon-122413, India. On 10 Aug 2017 (11:30 AM)

  • "Cobalt and Manganese based Bimetallic catalysts" at TEQIP Novel Catalysts For Industrial Use, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Guwahati, Assam, India. . On 25 Aug 2016 (2:30 PM)

  • "Low-temperature Anomalous Magnetic Ordering in some Inverse-Spinels" at Sona College of Technology, Salem, Tamilnadu, India. . On 23 June 2016 (9:30 AM)

  • "Reentrant Magnetic properties of few Inverse Spinels" at Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Nöthnitzer Str. 40, 01187 Dresden, Germany. On 27 July 2015 (13:00 Hrs)

  • "Magneto-structural Quantum Phases of few complex Spinels" at The Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research (IFW), Helmholtzstraße 20, 01069 Dresden, Germany, On 16 July 2015 (10:00 AM)

  • "On the anisotropic magneto-thermodynamics and Magneto-structural Quantum Phases of complex-oxides" at Max Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics, Experimental Department-I, Halle, Germany on 03 Sept 2013 (15:30 Hrs)

  • "Investigation of the Dielectric Response and ac-conductivity studies of KNaNbO3 based ceramics" BARC-TPDM Meeting, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology (RRCAT), 14 March 2015 at 11:00 AM

  • "Dielectric Elastomers: Soft Active Material For Soft Machines" QIP Short term Course Smart Materials and Their Applications SMATAN-2014,26 December 2014, Department of Physics-IIT Guwahati, India

  • "Anisotropic magneto-caloric effects in all ferromagnetic Superlatticles",16 June 2011, Department of Physics-University of Hyderabad,India

  • "Physics of Electronic Devices: Concepts and Applications", at MHRD-National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTR - Kolkata center at Guwahati), on 09 March 2015 (14:00 Hrs)

  • "Spincaloritronics for onchip cooling applications" on 28Jan2015, at Department of Mechanical Engg, Vignan University-Guntur(AP),India

  • "Importance of Wide-bandgap Semiconductor Nanostructures for Emerging Electronic Devices" on 27 Jan 2015,10 am-12pm at Laqshya Engineering College, Khammam (AP), India

  • "The Impact of Nanotechnology on Modern day Electronic Devices", on 27 Jan 2015, 3.30 pm-5.pm at Sree Kavita Engineering College, Karepalli, India

  • "The Role of Finite Size and surface effects on the Magnetic Ordering of Antiferromagnetic Superlattices" at CNRS labs (France), 5 April 2011, France

  • Former B.Tech project students:

    Name : Tere Nagendra Babu
    Registration id: 10012132
    Year of Registration: 2010-17
    Research Topic: High frequency Dielectric studies and Phonon Dynamics of Sodium doped Nickel-Oxide

    Name : Souvick Biswas
    Registration id: 140121036
    Year of Registration: 2014-18
    Research Topic: Atomistic simulation of Lithium and Lithium Oxide

    Name : D. Harish (currently at University of Oregon, Eugene, USA )
    Registration id: 10012114
    Year of Registration: 2010
    Research Topic: Investigation of the Electrical Characteristics of Ni doped Zinc-Oxide for Applications in Varistor Devices

    Name : Mr. D. Roy (currently at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, United States)
    Department: Electrical Engineering
    Year of Registration: 2011

    Name : Mr. B. B. Singh (2014-2016)
    Registration id: 120121008
    Year of Registration: 2013
    Research Topic: Investigate the structural, optical and electrical properties of Cobalt Orthotitanate

    Former M. Sc. Students

    Name : Mr. Sobhit Kumar Singh (currently at WVU-Morgantown, USA)
    Registration id: 11212133
    Year of Registration: 2011
    Research Topic: Synthesis and charecterization of Ferromagnetic MnCo2O4

    Name : Mr. Ayan Malik (currently at Burdwan University, WB, India)
    Registration id: 11212106
    Year of Registration: 2011
    Research Topic: Growth, Phase stability and Magnetic behaviour of cubic Zirconia stabilized with first Row 3d Transition Metal

    Name : Ms. P. Kumari
    Registration id: 122121033
    Year of Registration: 2012
    Research Topic: Synthesis and Characterization of Ni doped Zinc-Oxide for Applications in Varistor Devices

    Name : Ms. Jyotsna Dhillon(currently at University of North Texas, Denton, USA)
    Registration id: 142121023
    Year of Registration: 2014
    Research Topic: Investigation of the electrical properties of few complex spinel Cobaltites

    Name : Mr. Rakesh Sarkar(2014-2016)
    Registration id: 142121038
    Year of Registration: 2014
    Research Topic: Synthesis and characterization of MgCo2O4

    Name : Mr. Rakesh Sarkar(2014-2016)
    Registration id: 142121038
    Year of Registration: 2014
    Research Topic: Synthesis and characterization of MgCo2O4