• Congratulations Bipra for winning Best Oral Presentation Award at Department Annual Retreat 2019.

  • Congratulations! Arup's paper accepted at IHCI 2019.

  • Congratulations! Bipra's paper accepted at MEDICON 2019, Portugal.

  • Welcome Doli Hazarika for the PhD program at IIT Guwahati.

  • Congratulations to Jyotirmoy for finishing his MTP and joining us back for PhD program at IITG.

  • Vacancy : Students passionate about programming and Neuroscience can contact us.

Bulletin Board

Our Research Focus

Broadly the research lab's current focus is two-fold namely Brain Computer Interfaces and Imaging Genetics algorithm development for neuropsychiatric disorders.
    The recently developed Realtime P300 Speller is illustrated in video below. We are currently investigating novel cognitive paradigms using brain computer interfaces and dynamic audio visual stimuli for educational neuroscience applications. The team is also exploring other modalities for detection of stress during daily life activities with complete subject mobility being the prime focus.

    Mental illnesses like schizophrenia and depression currently lack early biological markers and depend primarily on clinical and cognitive assessment for diagnosis, post disease onset. Imaging genetics is a research field that uses neuroimaging and genetics to assess the impact of genetic variation on brain function and structure. The lab is currently developing intelligent algorithms to datamine biomarkers for these clinical big datasets.
    If this activates your neurons and you see common interest, please drop me an email for B.Tech/M.Tech projects with grade sheets (Opens every summer) in my lab. For PhD please send a One page Research Statement and your college grade sheets. Also apply formally to IITG-BSBE PhD program.
    We work on interdisciplinary problems so it is imperative for you to understand that both of us will be learning and will be students of Science. We don't believe in BOSS culture but we gently remind each other that the work has to be done. :-) Thanks!
Email : cngupta[AT]iitg[DOT]ac[DOT]in   

Recent Talks:

Our recent talk at TEQIP 2019 conference.

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