6th - 7th January, 2023

The deadline for online submission of abstracts is 24 October 31st October.


The Graduate Research Meet is an annual research conference conducted by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) of the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. The Department of HSS is a centre for research and teaching composed of academics from eleven disciplines: Archaeology, Development Studies, Economics, English, Geography, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. With its varied research interests and expertise, the department promotes interdisciplinary work in the field of Humanities and Social sciences.

GRM is one of the largest student-organized academic conferences in the country. This conference brings together research scholars from various components of Humanities and Social Sciences for a meaningful discourse on Human Society and its Environment based on a selected theme.

Through the 8th edition of the GRM, we are aiming to explore new ideas and methodologies in the domain of Humanities and Social Sciences research in a phase of transition.

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