Dr. Pranab Goswami PhD,

    Professor Higher Administrative Grade

Welcome to Biosensors & Biofuel Cell Lab

"The Biosensors and Biofuel Cell Laboratory primarily focuses on the development of advanced bioanalytical techniques and portable devices for rapid detection of analyte, mostly in healthcare and allied fields. The biorecognition agents (probes) that are intensively studied in the lab for developing such techniques include DNA (aptamers), enzymes and microorganisms. The biochemical signals that are generated as a result of the interaction between the probe and the target analytes are converted to a readable form using various transduction principles such as optical (absorbance, fluorescence) and electrochemical (amperometric, voltametric, potentiometric) signals. In this paradigm, the biofuel cell has been explored as both clean energy generating system as well as novel biosensing device. Generation and amplification of the biochemical signals encompasses exploitation of various advanced materials such as nanomaterials, nanocrystals, bio- and chemical-polymers, and biocompatible support materials. This is truly an interdisciplinary research field which involves methods and techniques from biological sciences (molecular biology, biophysics, microbiology and proteomics), nanoscience (synthesis, characterization and application of nanomaterials) and chemical and engineering sciences (analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, and microfluidics). Our lab offers opportunities for research and training in this field of cutting-edge research."

    News & Updates

      New publication : Lightson Ngashangva, Bahaa A Hemdan1, Mohamed Azab El-Liethy, Vinay Bachu, Shelley D. Minteer*, Pranab Goswami*. Emerging Bioanalytical Devices and Platforms for Rapid Detection of Pathogens in Environmental Samples. In Micromachines.

      Patent Granted : Pranab Goswami and Lightson Ngashangva. TITLE OF THE INVENTION: PORTABLE KIT FOR ONSITE DETERMINATION OF FORMALDEHYDE IN AQUEOUS SAMPLES. Granted Patent No. 397154. Date of grant 19/05/2022.

      New publication : "Phurpa Dema Thungon, Pooja Rani Kuri, Vinay Bachu and Pranab Goswami*, Silk-fibroin film as enzyme stabilizing material and optical signal transducer for developing alcohol oxidase-based ┬ÁPAD methanol biosensor. In Biosensors and Bioelectronics: X BIOSX_100147 (2022).

      New publication : Phurpa Dema Thungon, Hui Wang, Sergei I Vagin, Colin Van Dyck, Pranab Goswami, B Rieger and Alkiviathes Meldrum, A fluorescent alcohol biosensor using a simple microPAD based detection scheme. In Frontier in Sensors. doi: 10.3389/fsens.2022.840130 (2022).

      New publication : Ksh Priyalakshmi Devi, Pranab Goswami, Harsh Chaturvedi, Fabrication of nanocrystalline TiO2 thin films using Sol-Gel spin coating technology and investigation of its structural, morphology and optical characteristics. In Applied Surface Science 591, 153226, (2022).

      New publication : Smita Das, Roshika Kaushik, and Pranab Goswami, Multifaceted Interaction Studies between Carbon Dots and Proteins of Clinical Importance for Optical Sensing Signals. In ACS Applied Bio Materials 5 (2), 889-896, DOI: 10.1021/acsabm.1c01278 (2022).

      "Aptabase" New aptamer data base developed by our lab. Please check the following link: APTABASE .

      New publication : Arup Dutta and co-authors. A review on power management systems: An electronic tool to enable microbial fuel cells for powering range of electronic appliances. In Journal of power sources.