Dr. Pranab Goswami PhD,

    Professor Higher Academic Grade

Welcome to Biosensors & Biofuel Cell Lab

The Biosensors & Biofuel Cell Lab led primarily focuses on the development of advance bioanalytical technics and devices for rapid detection of analyte mostly in the healthcare and allied fields. The biorecognition agents (probe) that are intensively studied in the lab for developing such techniques and devices belong to DNA (aptamers), enzymes and microorganisms. The biochemical signals that are generated as result of the interaction between the biorecognition probe and the target analytes are converted to readable forms using various optical (such as, absorbance, fluorescence) and electrochemical (amperometric, voltametric, potentiometric) transduction principles. In this paradigm, the biofuel cell has been explored as both clean energy generating system as well as novel bio sensing device. For generation and amplification of the biochemical signals various advance materials such as, nanomaterials, nanocrystals, bio- and chemical-polymers, and biocompatible support materials are exploited. In this truly interdisciplinary research field, students get opportunity to learn and train themselves in my group on various methods and techniques in biological Science (Molecular biology, biophysics, microbiology and Proteomics), nanosciences (synthesis, characterization and application of nanomaterials), and chemical and engineering Sciences (Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, and microfluidics) that help them exploring deep science through flexible module on this field of cutting edge research.

    News & Updates

      "Aptabase" New aptamer data base developed by our lab. Please check the following link: APTABASE .

      New Patent granted Pranab Goswami, Ankana Kakoti, Mohd. Farhan Siddiqui (2021). Title of the invention: LEAK PROOF PAPER BASED ANALYTICAL MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE AND PROCESS FOR ITS PREPARATION. Granted patent no.: 378593.

      New publication : Smita Das and co-authors. Analytical applications of H2O2-induced Chiroptical graphitic carbon dots. In Nano express (2021).

      New publication : Arup Dutta and co-authors. A review on power management systems: An electronic tool to enable microbial fuel cells for powering range of electronic appliances. In Journal of power sources(2021).

      New publication : Priyanki Das and co-authors.Passive fuel delivery and efficient anoxic condition in anode improve performance of methanol biofuel cell. In Applied Energy(2021) .

      New publication : Smita Das and co-authors. Carbon Dots: An Emerging Smart Material for Analytical Applications. In Micromachines(2021).

      New publication : Smita Das and co-authors. Carbon Dots: An insight into the mechanism of peroxidase-like activity of carbon dots. In Optical Materials(2021) .

      Book Published: ADVANCED MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES FOR BIOSENSORS AND BIOANALYTICAL APPLICATIONS. Editor: Pranab Goswami, Publisher: CRC press, Taylor & Francis group, ISBN: 9780367539658 (Total page 555) (Nov/2020).

      Products available for commercialization: Interested company/entrepreneur may contact for following two products for commercialization (These two products were dedicated to the nation by the HRD minister, India in a meeting held on 14th February 2020 at IIT Guwahati).

      (A) A PAPER PLATFORM-BASED METHANOL DETECTION KIT (Indian patent application no. 202031004522).

      (B) A PAPER BASED KIT FOR ONSITE DETECTION OF FORMALDEHYDE (Indian patent application no. 201831041908).