“To envision a holistic and transdisciplinary academic Centre that encourages traditional, novel and transdisciplinary research and development in sustainable water research.”


  • To strengthen core research culture in science and technology, education and water policies.
  • To resolve key issues associated with sustainable water for whole country and particularly in North-East states.
  • To develop a generic model for the integration of water quantity, quality, economics, and policies.
  • To enhance interaction among academia, R&D labs, Industries and NGOs.
  • To augment the multi-disciplinary research and pedagogy in all subjects of sustainable water.
  • To foster joint academic research exchange and training programme on sustainable water quality and quantity.

About Centre for Sustainable Water Research

The North-East of India is rich in water resources. Amid the plentiful availability of water, there are some states that are having scarcity of water. The Centre for Sustainable Water Research aims in bringing scientific tools to cater the sustainable use of water in the region as well as for the whole country. Modern research methodologies and techniques will be adopted by the Centre for PhD and online M.Tech programs. The courses offered by the Centre can cater the training needs of field engineers in the water sector.

Though the Centre is located in North-East of India, the state-of-art research techniques and courses will be useful nationally and internationally. International collaborations with various water related universities are also aimed and also forging strong research and teaching relations with the South East Asian countries. The centre will also work on various water and glacial related sponsored research projects and consultancy projects.

The centre will act as the nodal section from IIT Guwahati to host activities related to:

· Brahmaputra River
· Australia India Water Centre
· Jal Jeevan Mission Chair Professor

Thrust Research Areas

The centre focusses on following thrust research areas in three categories:

Science and Technology

  • Watershed Hydrology
  • Agricultural Water
  • Remote Sensing
  • Hydraulics
  • Stochastic Analyses
  • Ground water
  • Glacial Hydrology and Dynamics
  • Water Transport
  • IoT in Water Sector

Ecology and Environment

  • Eco-Hydrology
  • Eco-Hydraulics
  • Flood Control
  • Erosion Prevention
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Water
  • Water Pollution
  • BMP and EMP
  • Contaminant Hydrology
  • Wetland Ecosystem

Society and Water Policy

  • Water Policy
  • SDG Goals
  • Socio-hydrology
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Water Demand
  • Sustainable Water Future

Associated Faculties

The following faculties are associated with the Centre for Sustainable Water Research.:

From Department of Civil Engineering

1. Prof. Arup K. Sarma
2. Prof. Subashisa Dutta
3. Prof. Rajib K. Bhattacharjya
4. Prof. Suresh A. Kartha
5. Prof. T. V. Bharat
6. Prof. Sreedeep S.
7. Dr. Sreeja P.
8. Dr. Archana Nair

From Department of Chemical Engineering

9. Prof. Mihir Purkait
10. Prof. S. K. Majumder
11. Prof. R. Uppaluri
12. Prof. Senthilmurugan S.
13. Prof. Chandan Das

From Department of Chemistry

14. Prof. Gopal Das
15. Prof. L. M. Kundu

From Department of Biosciences and Bio-Engineering

16. Dr. Selvaraju Narayanasamy

From Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

17. Prof. Anamika Baruah
18. Prof. Mrinal Kanti Dutta

From School of Agro and Rural Technology

19. Prof. Sudip Mitra

Honorary and Visiting Faculties

20. Prof. T.G. Sitharam (AICTE Chairperson)
21. Prof. Mukand Babel (AIT Thailand)
22. Prof. Vijay P. Singh (Texas A&M, US)
23. Prof. Paulo Gardoni (Illinois University, US)
24. Prof. Ajit K. Sarmah (University of Auckland, NZ)