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Journal Publications

1. Prabhu Venkataraman, Upamita Mukherjee, "Re-evaluating the Alignment of Omnivorous Choice and Animal Farming with Sustainable Development: Insights from Care Ethics", Problems of Sustainable Development [2024],

2. Prabhu Venkataraman, Kago Kevin, "Possibility of conjunction between Altrusim and Egoism", Humanities and Social Science Communications [2023],

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Conference Proceedings

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Book Chapter

1. Prabhu Venkataraman, S.Nengneithem Hoakip, "Just War: Reflections on the “Value” of Violence" , Contemporary Issues in Philosophy, Culture, and Value , Cambridge Scholars Publishing ISBN.1-5275-5300-0, pp.113 [2024]

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1. V.Prabhu, Religion, Culture and Value- Wittgenstein’s perspective, LAP [2010]

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Sl.No Name Thesis Title PhD Status
1 Mr.Bharat Konwar Social Justice in Education: A critical study Completed
2 Devartha Morang A critical reflection on environmental pragmatism
3 Tanuja Kalita A critical Evaluation of Peter Singers Ethics
4 Sanlut Nengneithem Haokip Just-War Theory: Ethical Deliberation on War Completed
5 Upamita Mukherjee Care Ethics SOAS
6 Anirban Mukherjee Business ethics, stakeholder theory, social contract theory SOAS
7 Chandana Deka Fideism- A Critical Evaluation Completed
8 Kago Kevin APR2
9 Nasimul Hoque APR1
Sl.No Name Year Dissertation Title
1 Girdhari Yadav 2021 Development, Environment Conservation and Lifestyle of Conservationists: A Critical Assessment of Bishnoism
2 Harshita Sahu 2021 Critical Analysis: Efficacy of the Reservation Policy in realizing Social Justice amongst Economically Disadvantaged Classes
3 Mayank Parmar 2018 Aadhar and its privacy implications: India needs a Holistic Privacy Regime
4 Piyush Niranjan 2018 Right to Breathe: Understanding the alarming Health Emergency in Tire-II cities
5 Ranjan Kumar Behera 2013 Social security and laboure welfare issues with reference to Indian Factory Act
6 Spandana Budhavarthi 2012 Demand for separate states and problems of State Reorganisation in India
7 Kongkona Sarmah 2012 Evaluation of the Proposed NGO-PS by Govt. of India and its Compatibility with the ?Bottom-Up? Approach to Development
8 Upendra Singh 2012 Right to Information Act in India: A study on the Scope and Security Issues

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Title: India as an Ideal Power: Role in G20,UNO and International Order

Name of Conference: India as an Ideal Power: Role in G20,UNO and International Order

Alagappa University, Karaikudi Dec 14, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023 National
Title: Buddha and Wittgenstein on Culture and Value

Name of Conference: Wittgenstein and cultural relativism?

Nagarjuna University, Guntur Mar 19, 2014 - Mar 19, 2016 National
Title: Becoming Human and Education for Global Times

Name of Conference: Issues in Privatization of Education

Tunhai Unviersity, Taichung, Taiwan Aug 18, 2001 - Aug 18, 2002 International
Title: Inculturation and the Shaping of Global Man

Name of Conference: A reponse to Atheists’ position of religious (mis)understanding

ChangJung Christian University, Tainan, Taiwan Jul 18, 2026 - Jul 18, 2028 International
Title: Internatioanl Conference on Moral Responsibility and Humanity

Name of Conference: Education and Moral Responsibility

Shangrao Normal University, Shangrao, China Jul 16, 2002 - Jul 16, 2003 International
Title: Internatioanl Conference on Reciprocity in a Pluralistic World

Name of Conference: An enquiry into Animal Welfare through Reciprocity

Shangai University, Shangai, China Jun 16, 2029 - Jun 16, 2030 International
Title: 5th Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy

Name of Conference: Moral Pluralism in Environmental Ethics

AFSOR, Osaka, Japan Mar 15, 2026 - Mar 15, 2029 International
Title: International conference on Everyday Life in Contemporary India

Name of Conference: Ethics in Everyday life: Animal welfare and cultural practices

University of Madras, Chennai Dec 14, 2017 - Dec 14, 2018 International
Title: International conference on Management, Social Sciences and Humanities

Name of Conference: Beyond Speciesism: Understanding Peter Singer’s ethics

, Kualalumpur, Malaysia Jun 12, 2012 - Jun 12, 2014 International

Name of Conference: Reflection on the effectiveness of environmental pragmatism

Intellectbase International Consortium, Bangkok, Thailand Mar 12, 2015 - Mar 12, 2017 International
Title: Second Global Conference – Making Sense of Pain

Name of Conference: Annihilating Pain – A study of Peter Singer’s position on voluntary euthanasia

, Warsaw, Poland May 11, 2022 - May 11, 2024 International
Title: National Seminar on Philosophy of Social Integration

Name of Conference: Scientific Pursuits and Social Integration

Guwahati University, Guwahati Mar 11, 2029 - Mar 11, 2031 National
Title: Consumer Protection and Welfare

Name of Conference: God, good and goods – ethics of consumerism

Kalasalingam University, Srivilliputhoor Dec 8, 2017 - Dec 8, 2018 National
Title: Northeast India and its Transnational Neighbourhood

Name of Conference: Religious transformations and the formation of new identities with respect to North-East

IIT Guwahati, Guwahati Jan 8, 2016 - Jan 8, 2018 International
Title: National Seminar on ‘Language, Meaning and the problem of Socio Cultural understanding

Name of Conference: Dalit: A transient phase towards an egalitarian society

Assam University, Silchair Feb 6, 2001 - Feb 6, 2003 National
Title: International Conference on Education

Name of Conference: Encountering knowledge: A Phenomenological approach to problem-based learning

National University of Singapore, Singapore Dec 5, 2006 - Dec 5, 2009 International
Title: National Seminar on Ibn Rushd

Name of Conference: Understanding religion – a cue from Ibn Rushd

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh Oct 4, 2007 - Oct 4, 2009 National
Title: National Seminar on ‘Philosophy in the New Millennium – Problems and Prospects

Name of Conference: What does ‘applied’ mean in Applied Philosophy

University of Kerala, Kerala Feb 4, 2017 - Feb 4, 2018 National
Title: Finding Dignity in Genes – The Impact of Bio-Technology on Human Dignity

Name of Conference: Contemporary Issues in Bioethics

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh Feb 2, 2005 - Feb 2, 2007 National
Title: Caught Behind- An Enquiry into Cricket (Sport) Ethics

Name of Conference: National Research Scholars’ Seminar

Pratap Center of Philosophy, North Maharashtra University, Amalner Dec 1, 2026 - Dec 1, 2028 National
Title: Philosophical Counseling

Name of Conference: Social Relevance of Philosophy in the New Millenium

Andhra University, Visakapattinam Dec 7, 2000 - Dec 9, 2000 National


Title: Buddhist Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science with Human Moral Experience

Name of Conference: Buddhist Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science with Human Moral Experience

Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, India Mar 20, 2024 - Mar 22, 2024 International
Title: Peace and Reconciliation: Philosophical Reviews

Name of Conference: Peace and Reconciliation: Philosophical Reviews

Satyna Nilayam, Loyola College, Chennai Jan 18, 2024 - Jan 19, 2024 National


Title: ICPR Philosophy Lecture Series

Name of Invited Lecture: Animal welfare ethics with special reference to Peter Singer

Maharaja Govt. College for Women, Trivandrum Dec 17, 2018 - Nov 30, -0001 National
Title: World Philosophy Celebration

Name of Invited Lecture: Research ethics in social sciences

Dibrugarh university, Dibrugarh Nov 16, 2016 - Nov 30, -0001 National
Title: World Philosophy Celebration

Name of Invited Lecture: Ethics and Animal welfare

Cotton College State university, Guwahati Nov 14, 2016 - Nov 30, -0001 National
Title: Refresher course

Name of Invited Lecture: Applied Ethics

Mizoram University, Imphal Nov 13, 2018 - Nov 30, -0001 National
Title: Refresher course of Department of Philosophy

Name of Invited Lecture: Wittgenstein and religion

Guwahati University, Guwahati Dec 12, 2017 - Nov 30, -0001 National


Title: Fifth Anniversary International Symposium “The Solitary Being

Name of Symposia: Solitary beings and social responsibility – Indian perspective

SCIS, Bern, Switzerland May 11, 2027 - May 11, 2028 International


Title: Life Skills Education for Youth Development

Name of Workshop: The need of Critical Thinking in Life Skills Education

University of Madras, Chennai Feb 6, 2016 - Feb 6, 2018 International
Title: Workshop on Theories of Meaning: Indian and Western

Name of Workshop: Language-game and Meaning

North Bengal University, Siliguri Nov 2, 2025 - Nov 2, 2027 National


Title: ICPR

Name of Others: Teacher’s Meet 2016

Feb 17, 2016 - Feb 19, 2016 National
Title: ICPR

Name of Others: World Philosophy Day celebrations

Dec 1, 2014 - Nov 30, -0001
Title: ICPR

Name of Others: World Philosophy Day celebrations

Nov 13, 2013 - Nov 30, -0001


Title: IIT Guwahati

Name of Short-term Course: Human Values and Ethics

Jan 21, 2015 - Jan 23, 2015 National
Title: Indian Institute of Advanced Study

Name of Short-term Course: Winter School in Philosophy

Dec 30, 2008 - Jan 10, 2009 National
Title: IIT Guwahati

Name of Short-term Course: Integrating Humanities and Social Sciences in Technical Education

Nov 7, 2005 - Nov 11, 2005 National