The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences has a Psychology laboratory, which also includes Sleep and Cognition laboratory. Psychology laboratory is used for conducting experiments in the areas of social psychology, organizational psychology and cognitive psychology by faculty, research scholars and undergraduate students.

The psychology laboratory has procured various instruments and tests for conducting experiments in Psychology. These are being used to conduct laboratory sessions for undergraduate (B.Tech) courses in Psychology such as HS 229: Introduction to  Psychology and HS 212: Cognitive Psychology. Inventory of instruments includes: Tachistoscope Apparatus (Electronic), Stroop Effect Test, Muller-Lyer Apparatus, Depth Perception Equipment (Electrical), Mirror Drawing Apparatus (both Manual and Digital), Memory Drum Apparatus (Digital) and Human Maze Learning Apparatus. These equipments are used to conduct various experiments like Reaction Time, Just Noticeable Difference, Muller-Lyer Illusion, Serial Position Effect, Mirror Drawing, Maze Learning, Stroop Experiment, Word Superiority and Mnemonics.

Sleep and cognition laboratory is a specialized lab where research work in the area of cognition and sleep is being carried out. At present the sleep laboratory has a few specialized equipments, such as 32 channel active electrode, EEG/ERP system, 40 channel polysomonograph and DC current brain stimulator.

In future, there is a plan to procure more instruments and tests (such as aptitude, attitude, personality, etc). Also, laboratory component would be included in other UG/PG courses being offered by the Psychology discipline.

Contact : Prof. Nachiketa Tripathi
Faculty In-Charge, Psychology Laboratory,
Email :
Phone No : +91-361- 258 2556 (work)