Summer Internship 2023

(Please read the information below carefully before proceeding)

  • Deadline for online applications:  01.05.23     19.04.23
  • Duration of the Summer Internship: 16.05.23 to 15.07.23 

The following department faculty members will be taking summer interns for this session in July 2023.

  • Prof. Sukanya Sharma
  • Dr. Bodhisattva Sengupta
  • Dr. Bidisha Som
  • Dr. Amarjyoti Mahanta
  • Prof. Priyankoo Sarmah
  • Dr. Abhishek Kashyap
  • Prof. Nachiketa Tripathi


  • Check the HSS faculty website here for the faculty members willing to take interns and their area of interest.
  • Selection of Summer Intern is entirely up to the respective faculty member(s).
  • No fee is charged from the Intern for the Summer Internship.
  • There is no eligibility criterion, in terms of CGPA.
  • Usually, up to 3 students can intern under a faculty member.
  • On completion of the Internship, certificate is issued by the HSS Department, not IIT Guwahati.
  • Accommodation and mess facility will be provided by IIT Guwahati with a nominal charge. Information regarding this will be made available on this website.
  • This time we cannot provide any stipend to interns.
  • Candidates applying for Summer Internship have to be Indian nationals.
  • Emailing individual faculty after filling up the application form, is not required.
  • Preferably the applicant has to complete three years, i.e., six semesters in the B.A program by the summer of 2023. All eligible candidates, including candidates directly contacting any faculty member, must fill up and submit the online application form available at the URL:



Selection Information

Summer Internship 2023 Selection List will be available [here] 

Hostel Allocation Information

Summer Internship 2023 Hostel Allocation List will be available [here]

Accommodation Information

Accommodation Information will be available [here] 

For any clarifications or queries, please email us at

Department of HSS, IIT Guwahati