Arupjyoti Saikia 

Arupjyoti Saikia 

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Research Interests: Economic, environmental and political history of modern Assam

Journal Publications

1. Arupjyoti Saikia, "Nature and Assam's present", Seminar, vol.690, pp.20-24 [2017]

2. Arupjyoti Saikia, "Borders, Commodities and Citizens across Mud and River: Assam, 1947-1950", Studies in History, Sage, vol.32, Issue no.1, pp.72-96 [2016]

3. Arupjyoti Saikia, "Jute in the Brahmaputra valley: The making of flood control in 20th century Assam", Modern Asian Studies, Cambridge University Press, vol.49, Issue no.5, pp.1405-1441 [2015]

Book Chapter

1. Arupjyoti Saikia, "Landscape, Culture, and Belonging: Writing the History of Northeast India" , Geographical Exploration and Historical Investigation: John Peter Wade in Assam , Cambridge University Press , pp.110-130, [2019]

2. Arupjyoti Saikia, "On Modern Indian Sensibilities: Culture, Politics, History" , Vernacular for the Nation : Hemchandra Goswami’s Typical Selections from Assamese Literature , Routledge , pp.179-197, [2018]


1. Arupjyoti Saikia, "The Unquiet River: A Biography of the Brahmaputra", Oxford University Press, Issue no.5 [2019]

2. Arupjyoti Saikia, "A Century of Protests: Peasant Politics in Modern Assam since 1900", Routledge [2014]

3. Arupjyoti Saikia, "A Forests and Ecological History of Assam, 1826-2000", Oxford University Press [2011]

4. Arupjyoti Saikia, "Jungles, Reserves, Wildlife: A History of Forests in Assam", Wildlife Areas Development and Welfare Trust, Assam [2005]

5. Arupjyoti Saikia, "Orunodoi: collected essays between the period 1855–1968", Krantikal, Nagaon [2002]

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Sl.No Name Thesis Title PhD Status
1 Ajay Salunkhe Framing the Nation: How Museums Tell Stories of India APR2
2 Ditte Moni Baruah Polity and Petroleum Making of an Oil Industry in Assam, 1825-1980
3 Kawal Deep Kour History of Intoxication: Opium in Assam, 1800-1959
4 N.s. Abhilasha Troubled Histories: Epidemics in Assam, 1860s to 1950s SOAS
5 Namrata Borkotoky Completed
6 Prarthana Saikia
7 Swagata Mukhopadhyay Discovery of Ancient Kamrup: Quest for Past in Colonial Assam
8 Himalaya Bora Course Work
9 Gitashree Tamuly Completed
10 Rima Kalita Will update soon Comprehensive
Sl.No Name Year Dissertation Title
1 Ayushi Chauhan 2020 Environment, Governance and Development: Making of Modern Delhi and the Changing Fate of Yamuna River
2 Himalaya Bora 2017 Agrarian world, market and colonial Darrang: Understanding market in colonial times
3 Suchiney Buhphang 2016 Trade and navigation on the Brahmaputra river during the Colonial period: 1873-1889
4 Madhab Bonia 2016 A study in Jonai sub-division under Dhemaji district: understanding flood and embankment in the Brahmaputra Valley
5 Namrata Borkotoky 2015 A history of tea plantations in Assam: 1947-70
6 Dhrubajyoti Nath 2013 The Land Question: Assam Legislative Assembly, 1951-61
7 Haren Saikia 2013 Emerging Dilemma of Forest Rights in Assam: A Study of Doyang and Tengani Area
8 Rinku Das 2013 When Fish Disappear! Ecological Fates of Fishing Communities in Floodplain of Brahmaputra Valley
9 Sajib Das 2013 Avifauna, Landscape and Ecological Transformation in Assam: An Exploration into two habitats

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Awards and Achievements

Award Title : New India Foundation Fellowship
Awarded By : New India Foundation
2017-18 National
Award Title : Charles Wallace Visiting Fellowship
2017-18 International
Award Title : Srikanta Dutta Book Award
Awarded By : NMML, New Delhi
2016 National


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Title: Gold washers, Fishermen, and Boatmen: Was there a pre-modern life of the Brahmaputra?

Name of Conference: Six Rivers in Historical Times: Nature-Human Interactions on Himalayan Rivers

Duke University, Durham, USA Feb 18, 2016 - Feb 18, 2016 International
Title: “Sal, Teak and a British Imperial Project: Redesigning an Ancient Landscape in India’s North East”

Name of Conference: The Wood Age in Asia Connection and Comparison in Forest History

Yale University, New Haven Sep 21, 2018 - Sep 23, 2018 International


Title: Anxiety and Enigma: Last Days of the British Empire in Assam

Name of Invited Lecture: Anxiety and Enigma: Last Days of the British Empire in Assam

Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh Mar 18, 2029 - Jul 19, 2030 National
Title: Paik to Raiyat: Patharughat, 1894

Name of Invited Lecture: Pandit Tirthanath Sarma Memorial Lecture

Pragjyotish College, Guwahati, Guwahati Sep 18, 2001 - Sep 18, 2001 National
Title: Unwilling Hosts: Partition and the Entangled Histories of Assam

Name of Invited Lecture: Borders in Modern Asia Seminar Series

Harvard University, Harvard, USA Feb 18, 2014 - Feb 18, 2014 International
Title: The Unruly Floodplains, the British Empire and an Environmental History of the Brahmaputra

Name of Invited Lecture: South Asian Studies Colloquium

Yale University, New Haven Sep 18, 2027 - Sep 18, 2027 International