Date : 15-March-2019

Psychology Lab and Sleep and Cognition Lab Report

Continuing the tradition of communicating important and intriguing concepts in the field of Psychology, and on the occasion of Institute Open Day – 15th March 2019, the Psychology and Sleep and Cognition Lab opened its doors to students and faculty members from different educational institutes. Around 150 students and faculty from various schools and colleges visited the Psychology and Sleep and Cognition lab. They were given a physical tour of the Lab and were acquainted with the psychological apparatus and instruments present in the Lab. Keeping in mind the latest trends in psychology various new exercises and experiments were added since the last time. An example of a new exercise is presented as under -

  • Cognition and Perception
    Various activities were displayed to understand the way our brain and mind works to achieve exceptional performance in processing language and information. Simple exercises displayed the role of saccades (eye movements) in reading, top down processing of information and understanding of the mechanisms of after-images. Such presentations intrigued the students and their questions were answered on this phenomenon by the faculty present.
    It was heartening to see the enthusiasm and the curiosity of students regarding the academic field of Psychology and its various applications. The eagerness and warmth towards the open day can be seen in students through pictures taken during the event.