The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Guwahati is a centre for research and teaching composed of academics from eleven different disciplines: Economics, English, Linguistics, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, History, Archaeology, Political Science, Geography, Development Studies. With its varied range of research interests and expertise, the department promotes interdisciplinary work in humanities and social sciences, offering projects, supervision and fellowships aimed to attract students and researchers from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. Apart from its undergraduate B.Tech taught courses which include uniquely designed content offered by members of faculty, the department offers highly interdisciplinary areas of expertise and investigation in its MA and PhD programmes. The MA in Development Studies is a multi-disciplinary programme initiated in the year 2009 and is designed to provide an advanced understanding of the cultures, conflicts and discourses in issues involving development in ideological as well as real social situations, through innovative course work and supervised research. The PhD programme of the department promotes dialogues across different disciplines in humanities and social sciences, offering expert supervision in eight different areas of study as well as funded fellowships to selected full-time researchers. The department collaborates with related Indian as well as international institutions in projects and workshops in order to promote and produce cutting-edge work in humanities and social sciences. Placing a high premium on research output and outreach, the department consistently publishes academic articles, project reports and monographs which corroborate the quality of work undertaken by its faculty, fellows and researchers