This Subject Includes

  • Course No: HS 750
  • Course: Ph.D Programme
  • Semester: I
  • Title: Mathematical Method for Economists
  • Stream: Economics
  • Description:

    Introduction: Sets, functions, graphs and proofs, Linear Algebra: matrices, vectors, determinants, system of linear equations, eigenvalue and eigenvectors; Differentiation: partial and total derivatives, concave and convex functions, maxima and minima of functions of one and several variables, Classical optimization: Lagrange and Kuhn-Tucker methods, Integral calculus: methods, solution for ordinary differential equation.

  • Text:

    K G Binmore, Mathematical Analysis, CUP, 1991^$^A C Chiang and K Wainwright, Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics, Tata McGraw Hill, 4thEd, 2005.^$^A K Dixit, Optimization in Economic Theory, OUP, 1990^$^C P Simon and L Blume, Mathematics for Economists, Viva Books, 2010.^$^G Strang, Introduction to Linear Algebra, Wellesly-Cambridge Press, 2009^$^R K Sundaram, A First Course in Optimization Theory, CUP, 1996.