This Subject Includes

  • Course No: HS 138
  • Course:
  • Semester: IV
  • Title: Psychology of Well Being
  • Stream: Psychology
  • Description:


    This course will examine and interpret the latest research in psychology on happiness, wellbeing and personal growth. It will address questions such as ‘what conditions allow people to flourish? What factors contribute to a satisfying and meaningful living? What interventions can promote psychological well-being? This course aims to identify and enhance the human strengths and virtues that make life worth living and allow individuals and communities to thrive. It is designed to explore the concepts, research behind the concepts, techniques, and exercises that enhance well-being. Course contents:The concept of well-being: hedonic and eudaimonic views; Models and dimensions of well-being; Happiness and positive emotions: biological foundations, socio-demographic predictors, hedonic adaptation, the broaden and build theory, emotional intelligence; Cognitive states and well-being: lifesatisfaction, selfefficacy, optimism, and hope; Motivation and well-being: intrinsic motivation and selfdetermination theory; Pro-social behavior, empathy, and well-being; Meaning and purpose in life; Social and workplace well-being; Interventions and exercises to increase well-being.


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