This Subject Includes

  • Course No: HS 213
  • Course: B.Tech
  • Semester: VII
  • Title: Psychology of Health and Adjustment
  • Stream: Psychology
  • Description:

    Dynamics of human adjustment; Stress and trauma: nature and consequences; Problem focused and emotion focused coping; Psycho-neuro-immunology: basic concepts, mechanisms, and applications; Human personality and adjustment: psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic and biological perspectives, terror management theory, assessing personality; The self: basic principles of self perception, self regulation and self presentation; Social thinking and social influence: forming impression of others, prejudice and discrimination, persuasion, conformity and compliance; Interpersonal communication: communication problems, interpersonal conflict, effective communication; Development in adolescence and adulthood: transition of adolescence and adulthood, aging and death; Careers and work: models of career choice and development, coping with occupational hazard; Mental and physical health; Habits, lifestyles and health; Psychological disorders: anxiety, somatoform, dissociative, mood and schizophrenic disorders; Psychotherapy: insight and behavioral therapies.

  • Text:

    1. W. Weiten, and M. A. Lloyd, Psychology Applied to Modern Life: Adjustment in the 21st Century, Wadsworth Publishing, 2007.2. E. Atwater, Psychology for Living: Adjustment, Growth, and Behavior Today, Prentice Hall, 1994.

  • Course References:

    1. J. Ogden, Health Psychology, McGraw Hill, 20072. H. Herrman, S. Saxena, and R. Moodie, Promoting mental health: concepts, emerging evidence and practice, WHO, 2005.