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  • Course No: HS 503
  • Course:
  • Semester: II
  • Title: Sociology of Development
  • Stream: Sociology
  • Description:

    Defining development; theories of development: modernization and globalization, dependency and world systems; Issues in development: Environment, Population, Poverty, Urbanization, gender, ethnicity, identity, possibilities of localism, economic development, conflict, fundamentalism and insurgency.




    1. R. Klitgaard, Adjusting to Reality: Beyond "State Versus Market" in Economic Development,

    2. Hage and Finsterbusch, Organizational Change as a Development Strategy

    3. N. Uphoff, M. Esman and A. Krishna, Reasons for Success: Learning from Instructive Experiences in Rural Development

    4. J. Isbister. Promises Not Kept. Kumarian Press.

    5. J. T. Roberts and A. Hite (editors). From Modernization to Globalization. Blackwell Press

  • Text:

    R. Klitgaard, Adjusting to Reality: Beyond “State Versus Market” in Economic Development,^$^Hage and Finsterbusch, Organizational Change as a Development Strategy^$^N. Uphoff, M. Esman and A. Krishna, Reasons for Success: Learning from Instructive Experiences in Rural Development^$^J. Isbister. Promises Not Kept. Kumarian Press.^$^J. T. Roberts and A. Hite (editors). From Modernization to Globalization. Blackwell Press