This Subject Includes

  • Course No: HS 113
  • Course:
  • Semester: V
  • Title: Cognitive Psychology
  • Stream: Psychology
  • Introduction: schools of psychology: pre-scientific era, structuralism, functionalism, associationism, behaviourism, gestalt psychology, psychoanalysis, humanistic & extistential psychology, cognitive psychology, fields, emerging fields; Physiological foundations of cognition: peripheral & central nervous systems, impulse transmission, brain imaging & basic neural processes, perceptual processes: vision, audition & other senses; Cognitive development: during infancy, early childhood, later childhood, adolescence, adulthood & old age, cognitive dissonance and cognitive framework in self-attribution; learning & cognition: basic learning processes- habituation, conditioning: classical & operant, cognitive learning, avoidance learning, punishment, generalization & discrimination, concept learning, verbal, motor learning and transfer of learning; Memory: basic neural operations, systems: sensory, STM, organization in STM, working memory, phonological Loop, visuo-spatial sketch pad, LTM, levels of processing, implicit vs. explicit memory, autobiographical memory, constructive memory, measurement of retention, forgetting, theories, improving memories and loss of memory; Language & cognition: language elements, meaning & concepts, pragmatics, verbal & nonverbal communication and psycholinguistics; Thinking: level of processing approach, role of symbols, images & language, concept attainment, problem solving: strategies & stages, reasoning, stages of creative thinking, artificial intelligence.


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