This Subject Includes

  • Course No: HS 525
  • Course: MA in Development Studies
  • Semester: II
  • Title: India’s Development: Issues and Debates
  • Stream: Development Studies
  • India's development policy: post-independence nation-building, the role of development in state policy; Economic policies: Initial phase of planning, shift to liberalisation in the 1980s; Population and development: population growth and its inter-linkages with poverty, family planning and population control, state policy, women’s health; Education policy: education as a fundamental right, higher education, human resource development, liberalisation, affirmative action; Environment and climate change: emergence of sustainability as a central feature of development, ecology, natural resources, climate change interventions and policy framework; Centre-state relations: making of the federal structure, uneven development, regional assertions; Dissenting voices: development as entitlement versus development as control