This Subject Includes

  • Course No: HS 720
  • Course: Master of Liberal Arts
  • Semester: I
  • Title: Cultural Theory and Interpretation
  • Stream: English
  • Description:

    Culture, ideology and hegemony: theory and sociology of culture: Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Antonio Gramsci, Raymond Williams, Walter Benjamin, Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Jurgen Habermas; Interpretation of cultural forms: interpretive theories: Roland Barthes, Marshall Mcluhan, Stuart Hall, Clifford Geertz; Politics of representation: theories and interpretations of otherness, women, colonial subjectivity, alternative others and queer theory, visual and media representation, disability studies; The postmodern turn and virtual culture: theories and debates on postmodernism and cyber culture, theories of J-F Lyotard, Patricia Waugh, Frederic Jameson, Terry Eagleton, Jean Baudrillard, George Landow.

  • Text:

    P., Brooker, A Glossary of Cultural Theory, Arnold, 2000.^$^M. G., Durham and D. M. Kellner, eds, Media and Cultural Studies: Key Works, Blackwell, 2001.^$^R., Williams, Culture, Harper Collins, 1981.

  • Course References:

    T., Adorno, The Culture Industry, Routledge, 1991.^$^E., Amiran, ed., Essays in Postmodern Culture, Oxford University Press, 1993^$^E., Hallman, ed., Cultural Encounters, Routledge, 2000.^$^ R. C., Young, Colonial Desire, Routledge, 1995.^$^C. H., Gray, Cyborg Citizen, Routledge, 2002.