This Subject Includes

  • Course No: HS 504
  • Course: MA in Development Studies
  • Semester: None
  • Title: Economic Problems and Policies in Developing Countries
  • Stream: Economics
  • Description:

    Economic inequality: measure of inequality; The inverted U-hypothesis, income and growth, capital market and human capital; Poverty: undernourishment, measures of poverty, impact of poverty on labour market, credit market; Population growth: birth and death rates and age distribution, demographic transition; Rural urban interaction: Lewis model, migration, Harris Todaro model; Land market: ownership, tenancy and other contracts; Labour market; Credit market: informal markets, information asymmetries and credit rationing, alternative policy; Insurance: information and enforcement; Trade and trade policy.



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  • Text:

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  • Course References:

    S. Ghatak, Introduction to Development Economics, Routledge, 4th edition, 2007.^$^Y. Hayami, Development Economics, OUP, 2005