This Subject Includes

  • Course No: HS 758
  • Course: Ph.D Programme
  • Semester: I
  • Title: Posthumanism in Literature and Critical Theory
  • Stream: English
  • Description:

    Posthumanism: introduction, definitions, and debates; Posthumanism and literature: a study of selected texts and their cultural contexts; Posthumanism as a political and artistic condition: a case study of Nazism and German Expressionist Cinema; Medicine, technology and the body; Posthumanism, embodiment and otherness; Posthumanism, crisis and transcendence: debates and disagreements on human freedom, loss and assertion; Posthumanism, terror and the ontology of violence: a study of zombie literature and cinema; Posthumanism and the feeling mind: consciousness, control and agency; Biopolitics, ethics and the posthuman condition in literature; Posthumanism and Postmodernism: the salient similarities and shared orders.

  • Text:

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