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  • Course No: HS 320M
  • Course:
  • Semester: VI
  • Title: Literature and film: the word and the image
  • Stream: English
  • Preamble: Explores the associations between visual and verbal codes through the study of film and literature as two separate art forms. The three levels of film narration and the imaginal representations and deviations of the visual and verbal encoding. It is approached with the representation of the stream of consciousness novel with its layered nuances and a typology of narrators perspective in the post modernist fiction , then explores the historical narrative and the romantic novel and ends with the new literary language of the multiple -code model of mental images or words.

    Course Contents: Film adaptation of literary works: the auteur theory, textual fidelity in interpretation and retelling ; the transforming and transmuting skills of the language of screenplays; of texts altered, characters eliminated, condensed or combined, and narrative emphases shifted; three levels of film narration: the extradiegetic corresponding to the initial narrative situation; the intradiegetic, corresponding to the events related; and the metadi-egetic, designating stories told within the frame of the first story. the stream of consciousness novel in three different time periods; the historical narrative as the vehicle for expressing episodic and spatial memory; examinations of the dual perspective in the romantic novel , a filmmaker and a writer.


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    (films) :

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