This Subject Includes

  • Course No: HS 620
  • Course: MA in Development Studies
  • Semester: III
  • Title: Political Economy of Agrarian Development
  • Stream: Economics
  • Description:

    Basic concepts of classical political economy in the writings of Smith, Malthus and Ricardo: theory of value, rent, class conflict; Marx’s critique of the Ricardian theory of rent, Marx’s theory of capitalist ground-rent: differential rents and absolute rent; Kautsky and Lenin on the late-nineteenth century German and Russian agriculture, development of capitalism and class differentiation; Agrarian development in the colonies: Rosa Luxemburg on the impact of colonialism, Mao Zedong on the process of class formation in the early-twentieth century China; Agriculture and the Transition Debate; Capitalism in Indian agriculture and the Mode of Production Debate; Globalisation and the present day agrarian question in India.

  • Text:

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