This Subject Includes

  • Course No: HS 148
  • Course:
  • Semester: V
  • Title: Development and its Discontents
  • Stream: Development Studies
  • Preamble: This course will introduce students to the idea of development as it emerged in the mid-twentieth century, with a focus on the Global South. It will examine how dominant ideas of development were framed by asking how development was defined, who defined it and for whom such ideas were designed. It will further examine the process through which such notions of development were challenged and by whom. As development continues to be hotly debated across the Global South, this course will expose students to the debates around development, anti-development, post-development, alternative development and alternatives to development.

    Course Content: Development as a global agenda: decolonisation, emergence of the Third World; Modernisation theory: economic, sociological and political; Dependency theory: Raul Prebisch to Andre Gunder Frank, critiques of dependency theory; Development to globalisation: welfare state to neoliberal state, changing regimes of development; Globalisation from below: transnational social movements, development critiques from below; Anti-dispossession movements: conflicts related to land, territory, autonomy, selfdetermination; Development from below: alternatives, experiments and debates.


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