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  • Course No: HS 733
  • Course:
  • Semester: I
  • Title: Issues in Phonological Theory
  • Stream: Linguistics
  • Description:

    Segmental phonology in traditional generative grammar: the phonemic principle, rules and representations, rule-ordering, feeding and bleeding rules, domain-sensitive rules; Lexical phonology and morphology: Derived Environment (DE) rules, Strict Cyclicity Condition (SCC); Autosegmental Theory; Suprasegmental structure and non-linear phonology: stress, feet and metrical structure, syllabification, tone; Harmony processes; Optimality Theory: phonology and constraints; Typology of structural changes and repairs; Generalized alignment; Constraint-based metrical grammars; Reduplication and prosodic morphology; Output to Output Correspondence, base vs. cyclic identity; Opacity problems and non-classical variants of Optimality Theory.