This Subject Includes

  • Course No: HS 228
  • Course: B.Tech
  • Semester: VIII
  • Title: Sociology of Cyberspace
  • Stream: Sociology
  • Description:

    Orientations: information age, perspectives of information society; Social impact of information technology: global village, surveillance, computer literacy, information versus knowledge, netizens versus citizens; Cyber sociology: cybernetics and socialization, identity and anonymity, order and deviance, co-operation and conflict, emergence of cyber society; Cyber culture: cultural politics of cyber space, political economy in cyber space, spirituality and cyberspace, cyber ethics and law, cyber crime, cyber relations, social implications of cyber culture on society.

  • Text:

    P. Nayar, Virtual Worlds, Sage Publications: London, 2004.^$^D.Tofts, A.Jonson and A. Cavallaro ed., Prefiguring Cyber Culture: An Intellectual History, MIT Press: New York, 2003.

  • Course References:

    M. Castells, The Rise of Network Society, Blackwell: Oxford, 1996.^$^G. Lelia, Communication, Technology and Society, Sage Publications: New Delhi, 2001.