This Subject Includes

  • Course No: HS 523
  • Course:
  • Semester: II
  • Title: Economic Development: Theory and Practice
  • Stream: Economics
  • Description:

    Economic development and economic growth; diverse structures and common characteristics of developing economies; Low level equilibrium trap and big push: Rosenstein-Rodan, Nurkse; Unbalanced growth, linkages: Hirschman; Multiple equilibria; Harrod-Domar model and Solow model: differences, implications and the convergence debate; Mahalanobis model of planned development; Economic inequality: measurement issues, Kuznets’ inverted-U hypothesis and its evidence, implications; Poverty: measurement, undernourishment, poverty alleviation; Population: birth and death rates, age distribution and demographic transition; Lewis model and Harris-Todaro model: rural-urban interaction, migration and development.

  • Text:

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