This Subject Includes

  • Course No: HS 208
  • Course: B.Tech
  • Semester: V
  • Title: Applied Psychology
  • Stream: Psychology
  • Description:

    Applied psychology and applied social psychology: concepts and issues, attitude-nature, measurement, formation, and change, group dynamics- intergroup behaviour, communication processes, conflict and resolution; Psychology and advertising: psychological study of advertising- historical and contemporary perspectives, psychological factors-perception, memory, learning and attitude, models- AIDA, elaboration likelihood and heuristic-systematic models; Psychology at work: accident, safety and performance, accident proneness principle, prediction and reduction, human engineering; Work and well-being- technological adaptation and behavioural consequences, psychophysiology of stress, work and stress model, stressors, consequences of stress, stress management, biofeedback applications.

  • Text:

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  • Course References:

    1. R. Gifford, (Ed.), Applied psychology: Variety and opportunity, Allyn and Bacon, 1991.2. M.L. Blum, and J.C. Naylor, Industrial Psychology, CBS Publishers & Distributors, 1984.3. D.M. Pestonjee, Stress and Coping: The Indian Experience, 2nd ed., Sage Publications, 1999.