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  • Course No: HS 716
  • Course:
  • Semester: I
  • Title: Research Methods In Psychology
  • Stream: Psychology
  • Description:

    Problems and Hypotheses: Problems, values and definitions, generality and specificity of problems and hypotheses, the importance of problems and hypotheses, the importance of problems and hypotheses; The multivariate nature of behavioral research and problems; Sampling and Randomness: Sampling, random sampling, and representativeness, randomness, randomization, random assignment, sample size, kind of samples; Testing hypothesis and the standard error: Differences between means, absolute and relative differences, correlation coefficients; Research Design: Meaning, purpose, and principles, research design as variance control, maximization of experimental variance, control of extraneous variables; Types of research: Ex post Facto research, laboratory experiments, field experiments and field studies, survey research; Methods of observation and data collection: Interviews and interview schedules, objective tests and scales, projective methods, and content analysis, sociometry, the sementic differential; Probability: Definition of probability, sample space, sample points and events, compound events. Some formal theory; Principles of analysis and interpretation.

  • Text:

    F.N., Kerlinger, Foundation of Behavioral Research, Surjit Pub. Delhi, 1983